TOP 7 Non-dairy Creamers for Coffee - What You Need to Know

12 min read AUG 09, 2023

How can a perfect cup of coffee not have a thick layer of cream on top, right? But do you want a cream that won't give you those extra pounds? Then non-dairy creamers are your best bet.

There are a gazillion options for you to choose from if you want vegan, non-dairy creamers for your coffee. From almond milk creamers to dairy-free oat milk, there are many to choose from.

Keep reading this article if you want to know about the seven amazing creamers for your daily brew. Whether hazelnut or macadamia plant-based is more up your alley, there's something here for everyone - so get ready for some fresh flavor in each sip.

The 7 Best Non-Dairy Creamers For Coffee

While there are many options in the market, you'd want to choose the best. After much research, we have the top 7 non-dairy creamers for your coffee.

Nestle Coffee Mate

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to the creamer in your morning cup of coffee, then look no further than Nestle Coffee Mate. Not only does it provide an irresistibly rich and creamy texture with its hint of sweetness, but it is also completely non-dairy and plant-based.

This creamer is without any added calories or artificial ingredients, making this a sugar-free option. It is perfect for those looking to make better choices when adding flavor to their favorite drink.

A single tablespoon of this cream provides four grams of fiber, two grams each of fat and protein, plus zero cholesterol. Also, it's only ten calories per serving. What more could you ask from something that makes every sip even sweeter?

Califia Farms

Califia Farms' French Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer is the perfect way to make your everyday cup of coffee into a delicious café-style experience. It's made with 100% pure almond milk, sweetened by sugar cane syrup and coconut oil, for its unique richness and sweetness. Plus, it contains no artificial flavors or preservatives - making this creamer healthier than regular creamers.

Packed full of vitamin E from almonds, this creamy treat will not only taste great but also help reduce inflammation while preventing premature skin aging too. Enjoy a real vanilla bean extract in every sip that'll transform any hot or cold beverage into something special.

Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood Creamer has become a favorite among coffee lovers who are looking for a totally dairy-free and delicious alternative to traditional creamers.

It has all the classic notes of vanilla and a hint of coconut that truly makes it stand out from other non-dairy options. This creamer is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Moreover, because it's made with some healthy fats such as organic coconut sugar and coconut oil, this non-dairy coffee creamer contains no sugar alcohol. Now, this is something that cannot be said about other popular vegan alternatives like Nutpods or Califia Farms.

So Delicious

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer is the best coconut milk creamer for coffee due to its smooth, creamy texture and subtle flavor. Thanks to its light sweetness and hints of vanilla, it pairs perfectly with a wide range of coffee flavors without overpowering them.

Also, you must know that this non-dairy alternative is made without any added sugars or artificial ingredients. So good news for the fitness freaks- you can enjoy your cream without sacrificing that classic sweet creaminess found in traditional creamers.

On top of that, So Delicious's lightly whipped consistency makes it easy to blend and froth into lattes or specialty caffeine beverages - and the bonus here? It's even more satisfying than dairy.

Vegans will love this product as it contains no animal products whatsoever. Meanwhile, those with lactose intolerance can enjoy this creamer knowing they won't suffer any adverse reactions like upset stomachs or bloating after drinking their morning cup of coffee.

Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss

Are you looking for a flavorful and indulgent alternative to milk or cream in your coffee? Then Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla is the one for you.

This cream is made using real almond milk with subtle hints of vanilla flavor. It doesn't have any artificial flavors or agents and has a soft texture.

Nutritionally speaking, this vegan friendly cream comes packed with Vitamin D as well as natural vitamins A and E.


If you are hunting for a cream that won't burn a hole in your pocket, then this is it. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, Silk has a rich and creamy texture.

Its affordability makes it the best value among all the vegan coffee creamers in stores today. This product is available everywhere, from Walmart to supermarkets worldwide. So you can rest assured that you'll always have access to this delicious and low-cost creamer when needed.

Another added advantage of Silk is it does not compromise on the flavor despite the low price. It has a natural sweetness that you can add to any cup of black coffee.


Nutpods has earned the reputation of being one of the best oat milk creamers in the market today. The brand's Almond + Coconut Creamer is rated as the top overall choice among non-dairy creamers, and their Hazelnut Collagen Creamer is also highly ranked for its unique ingredients.

The brand is plant based, containing only oats and almond butter with no added sugar or preservatives. Nutpods does not compromise on flavor or aroma and provides the best alternative to coffee lovers.

Also, this creamer mix blends well without any separation for consistently creamy drinks every time. Its light texture works especially well when using single-origin coffees due to its subtle richness, which won't overwhelm delicate tasting notes.

How To Choose The Right Non-Dairy Or Dairy-Free Creamer For Coffee

Choosing the right non-dairy or dairy-free creamer for coffee is essential to finding a delicious, creamy cup of coffee. Personal preferences and dietary restrictions will influence which type of milk you choose, as well as any additional ingredients like sugar or other natural flavors found in many creamers.

For vegans, almond milk creamer may be the best option, while those with nut allergies might prefer oat milk creamer instead. Also, different types of non-dairy creamers have different nutritional values. For example, coconut milk is generally low in fat but high in calories relative to other options like soy milk or almond milk.

What Type Of Milk Do You Prefer?

Coffee lovers have a variety of milk alternatives to choose from when it comes to dairy-free creamers. Let us look at some of the popular ones.

Almond Milk

Almond milk has quickly become a popular non-dairy creamer for coffee. It is naturally dairy and lactose free and contains significantly fewer calories than traditional creamers.

With a mild flavor and creamy texture, almond milk makes an excellent addition to any cup of coffee without sacrificing taste. It is fully packed with essential vitamins like vitamin A, B12, calcium, and iron, as well as healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).

This unique combination of vitamins and minerals makes almond milk one of the most nutritious plant-based milk on the market today. Many people are opting for almond milk over cow's milk due to its nutritional properties.

Coconut Milk

Most people, regardless of being lactose intolerant, choose coconut milk because it is much healthier than regular milk. It is loaded with nutrients with a hint of natural sweetness.

It adds a smooth body that keeps the drink from becoming weak or watery when using smaller amounts of creamer than dairy varieties might require. Also, coconut milk is rich in calcium, magnesium and electrolytes, making it excellent for rehydrating after workouts. There are no saturated fats like those found in other creamers made from dairy products.

A fun fact here is that- most coffee lovers enjoy their lattes or cappuccinos with coconut milk. The flavor it provides is very different from traditional milk, hence adding value to this product.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is quickly becoming a popular non-dairy creamer option for coffee lovers. This milk is capable of creating a creamy and frothy texture in your cup of joe, along with a sweet taste. These properties make it an enjoyable creamer alternative to dairy creamers like cow's milk or cream.

There are many health benefits to oat milk compared to regular dairy products. The sodium levels are much lower and there are no oils involved in the extraction process of oat milk.

However, because oats are sustainable and easily renewable crops, some may argue that oat milk is an environmentally friendlier choice than other milk derived from animals.

It offers a lighter drinkable solution than traditional dairy-based creamer. This trait may make it a better choice, especially when adding flavors such as vanilla or cinnamon, which could be muddied out with thicker bases like whole milk or heavy cream.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is an increasingly popular non-dairy alternative to traditional cow's milk and can be enjoyed as a creamer for coffee. Made from ground soybeans, it is packed with protein, fiber and healthful minerals like magnesium while being low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Soy milk has a slightly sweet taste that complements coffee without overpowering other flavors. Unlike store bought options or drips made from almonds or coconut milk, soy milk maintains its creamy consistency when mixed with hot liquids such as the one used for coffees.

One of the major benefits of using soy milk for those on special diets is its considerably lower calorie content compared to animal proteins. It may surprise you to know that one cup contains only 80 calories per serving versus 146 found in regular whole cow's milk.

It also has all eight essential amino acids, including lysin, which makes plant based healthy proteins more complete than most others. Similarly, some varieties also contain added calcium which can help bone strength and prevent osteoporosis among older populations.

What Tasting Notes Are You Looking For?

When it comes to finding the perfect non-dairy creamer for coffee, tasting notes should be a key consideration. Creamers can come in various flavors like vanilla, cinnamon and hazelnut that will boost your coffee's flavor profile.

For example, Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer is available in a variety of delicious options, such as Vanilla or Caramel Latte, which adds a subtle sweetness to any cup of joe.

Meanwhile, Nutpods Original Oat Beverage delivers creamy oat notes with each pour. Primal Kitchen No Dairy Hazelnut Collagen Creamer offers an indulgent hazelnut flavor from coconut cream without dairy or sugar.

All three are excellent choices for adding layers of flavor without being too heavy-handed about it.

Personal Preferences And Specific Dietary Restrictions?

When considering a non-dairy creamer for coffee, it's important to consider your personal preferences and dietary restrictions, such as whether you are vegan or cutting back on sugar.

Are You A Vegan?

Becoming vegan requires making conscious decisions on what you consume, including your coffee. Non-dairy creamers such as almond milk and coconut milk are the preferred choice for many vegans, but these may not be suitable for everyone following that lifestyle.

While some non-dairy creamers are made from vegetable oil or water with stabilizers and emulsifiers to create a creamy texture, others rely on animal products like casein (a derivative of cow's milk) or whey protein, which contain animal byproducts.

To ensure that vegans find the best option for their needs, they should closely examine all of the ingredients included in each product, making sure to avoid all animal sources when possible.

Are You Committed To Gluten-Free Options?

If you are living a dairy-free lifestyle or simply want to maintain a gluten-free diet, it is essential to select the right non-dairy coffee creamer. Gluten is commonly found in foods like wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats – but it can also be found in products made with these ingredients.

Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice flavor when choosing a gluten free option. Non-dairy creamers like Nestle Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer and Laird Superfood's powdered creamer offer delicious alternatives without containing any traces of gluten.

Silk offers oat milk and almond milk varieties, which are certified as entirely gluten-free - perfect for those looking for permanent solutions.

Are You Cutting Back On Sugar?

Many non-dairy creamers contain large amounts of sugar, making them unhealthy for regular consumption. Too much sugar can have a detrimental effect on your health by increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes and obesity.

It's also linked to other chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are cutting back on sugar or trying to reduce it in your diet, then choosing a low-sugar alternative is essential when selecting a non-dairy creamer for coffee.

Fortunately, there are many substitutes available, both in stores and homemade, which provide healthier options while still allowing you to enjoy the taste of coffee without compromising taste or texture.

Nutpods has an excellent low carb oat milk creamer with no added sugars that provide a rich but light flavor perfect for adding to coffees or teas. Alternatively, using homemade cashew milk blended with maple syrup is an easy way to create naturally sweetened dairy free creamer with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is The Healthiest Non-Dairy Creamer?

According to our research, it turns out that Laird Superfood stands out as the healthiest non-dairy creamer for coffee. Its advantage lies in its ingredient Aquamin, a mineral-rich calcified sea alga that adds an array of beneficial minerals with every heaping tablespoon. Califia Farms, Silk, Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss and Nutpods follow closely behind as they also offer healthy alternatives to traditional creamers.

Is Non-Dairy Creamer Good For You?

Non-dairy creamers are a great alternative to dairy products, as they lack cholesterol and hormones that can be damaging to our health. However, these options still contain oils, preservatives and sugar, so it is important to read the nutritional labels before purchasing one. For an even healthier option, try using unsweetened plant based milk in your coffee – but watch out because this may curdle due to heat.

How Do I Store Non-dairy Creamer?

Non-dairy creamers can be stored in cool and dry conditions at room temperature for up to three months. They just are sealed tightly in airtight containers. Be sure that lids are fastened each time securely after use to prevent oxidization which will damage it further over time.

How Long Do Non-daily Creamers Last?

Non-dairy creamers last for at least 6-12 months when stored in a freezer. But, if you store it in a fridge, it has a much shorter shelf life. You must store it in sealed bags to extend the shelf life.

Can Non-dairy Creamers Be Used In Recipes?

Of course, yes. Non-dairy creamers can be used to make soups, desserts, stews or anything that may need dairy products. They offer the same taste and texture while being a much healthier option.

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