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  • My morning ritual is to make a slow-brewed batch of French pressed Lifeboost medium roast coffee, served hot, nearly daily.

    I drink my coffee 2 different ways: I’ve recently been savoring my Lifeboost with a hefty splash of organic A2/A2 heavy whipping cream, plus or minus a swirl of collagen.

    Before that, I was an exceedingly long-term semi-sedentary, semi-athletic mom following an intermittent fasting protocol with near-daily bulletproof style coffees for 8 years!!!

    Amron Bevels, MD, Nutritionist

    Woke Woman Programming
    Grounding & Ascension for Women, from Root to Crown.
    Wellness Programming for Women's Ascension.

  • We enjoy using essential oils to help us get into a get-up-and-go mindset at the beginning of the day. Here's one of our go-to recipes:

    (From The Healing Power of Essential Oils)
    3 drops orange essential oil
    2 drops peppermint essential oil
    1 drop rosemary essential oil


    1. Fill the diffuser with water as directed.
    2. Add the essential oils.
    3. Turn on the diffuser immediately upon rising in the morning to permeate the room with the aroma as you get ready for the day.
    4. Turn off the diffuser when done. You can keep this mixture in the diffuser and use it every morning until the diffuser is empty.

    Eric Zielinski, DC & Sabrina Ann Zielinski (Mrs Georgia 2019)


Recommended by Professionals

"Lifeboost Coffee is my favorite! It’s extremely low acid and easy on the stomach. It gets my 5 star recommendation."

Dr. Aaron Oxenrider

Board Certified Dentist

"Low acid coffee
Best tasting low acid coffee ever! And it’s great on your teeth!"

Dr. Gary Sanchez

Board Certified Dentist

Diplomate of Anti-Aging Medicine, ABHRT,
Fellow of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional
Medicine, Certified Brain Health Coach, GX Trainer
GX Provider, Certified in Nutrigenomics & Weight Management
Certified in Brain Fitness

Mike Clark MBA, JD, PhD

"Seeking Perfect Health"


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Midnight Roast
Carolyn Martinez
Life Tasting

Great aroma, good flavor, nice to know there are no chemicals


Most disappointing of all the Lifeboost coffees I've ordered. No flavor, pales in comparison to Volcanica. Never drank finished bag.

Best coffee ever! Easy on the tummy, and tastes amazing!

super bundle

This coffee is amazing!! So glad I tried it - don't think I'll ever be able to drink any other brand!! :)

Grata Medium Roast
Carol Newell

Grata Medium Roast

What is the Coffee grind of Grata ?

Just a question , haven't tried I yet , just arrived .... Can't wait to have it tomorrow !

Southern Pecan
Jeannette Myers Myers
Southern pecan

Needs more pecan taste to it.

Best coffee flavor, plus I don't get acid reflux after drinking it

Always one of our favorites.

Just great, as always

Highlander Grogg
Kelli Stephen
Highland Grogg is Great!!

Excellent flavor, rich, full bodied but so much better on my gut!!

Love your coffee!

It’s delicious coffee and I don't have to worry about hard on my stomach.

1x Crème Brulee
Steve Montgomery

Awesome smell Put dark chocolate in it tasted Great

Delicious and my tummy is happy

Love my coffees. They always taste great and are kind to my stomach. Even the espresso isn’t bitter or harsh. Love the combo pack and price. Highly recommended

Embolden Dark Roast
Mary Johnston
Embolden dark roast coffee

This coffee taste so good! Smooth and no harmful chemicals!

Dark Roast Decaf
Hans Michielen

Great flavor

Timothy Davies
Amazingly Tasty

Excellent brew, true amaretto flavor, love it

Half Caff
Beth Starks

Love it! I’m caffeine sensitive and this is the perfect blend!


Love this flavor smooth & mild taste this is now my new favorite😋😋

Embolden Dark Roast
Bridget Stein
Great coffee

Love the smooth texture and lovely flavor of this coffee. Whenever I try drinking anything else I realize why I’m faithful to lifeboost brand.


This was the perfect pick for Thanksgiving. My family really enjoyed the flavor and aroma of this coffee! I Will be purchasing more!

Excellent coffee

The coffee is delicious. That is all.

Grata Medium Roast
James Macphee
Enjoying coffee again

Had been cutting down coffee drinking to once or twice a week because of acid reflux & caffeine. Decided to try the 1/2 cafe version and found it tasted great and did not cause any of the other issues when having one cup a day along with an evening decaf. So enjoying coffee again (beats tea hands down :)