Spreading Fires of Kindness One Cup of Coffee at a Time

6 min read SEP 12, 2022

Whether it’s donating your time, talents, money, goods, or services, giving back to your community sends out a ripple of positive effects that can reach beyond what you’d ever imagine. 

Such acts of service can even reverberate back to positively affect you. 

Here at Lifeboost we can attest to these positive effects, as we recently had the opportunity to donate some of our delicious coffee to the Decatur Township Fire Department in Indiana. 

What a blessing it was for us to share our coffee with the firefighters and reap the reward and privilege of getting to know these community servants a bit better! 

So, take a look with us here to see how the men and women of the Decatur Township Fire Department give back to their community. 

Then, stick around to learn the benefits of giving back and some ways you can get involved in your local communities all across the globe. 

Welcome to the Decatur Township Fire Department

Here at Lifeboost we believe in the importance of giving back to our local community, and recently we were able to do so by donating 40 bags of coffee and 10 boxes of coffee pods to the Decatur Township Fire Department here in Indianapolis, IN. 

The fire department here was founded in 1948 by a group of volunteer firefighters and is now a career department with 70 full-time firefighters and 9 civilian paramedics. 

The mission statement of the fire department is one that we seek to uphold here at Lifeboost as well as it espouses values and principles that are crucial to the enrichment of any community. 

The brave men and women of the fire department in Decatur Township seek to “professionally serve [their community] with excellence and honor,” displaying values such as integrity, discipline, teamwork, respect, quality, and safety. 

One of the ways the department gives back to the community is by donating backpacks and supplies to the local schools.

They are also involved in many community events and take the time to inform the community about health risks as well as fire safety and prevention. They even have been known to deliver a baby or two when the need arises!

The firefighters enjoy working with the Decatur Township community and appreciate the family atmosphere at the firehouse where they take simple pleasure in sipping on mugs of coffee, preferably black, sans cream or sugar, throughout quiet morningsFor the folks in the Decatur Township community, you can help these brave men and women at the fire department in a few ways: 

First, while you’re out on the street of Indianapolis, if you see an emergency vehicle approaching, move to the right, clearing a path to allow them to get to their destination quickly, and safely. 

And second, if you see them out at events in the community, come say hello and get to know your local firefighters! 

The Importance of Giving Back to Your Community

Donating or serving in your community is one of the best ways to give back. 

Such acts can certainly help you grow as a person and they positively affect the society in which you live. 

When you get involved in your community you are actually benefiting yourself by boosting your confidence, discovering and developing your personal interests, and building skills in leadership. 

Regularly volunteering is even proven to boost your health, with statistics showing those who give back and contribute to their society being healthier both mentally and physically. Such folks are even said to live longer!

But, we certainly don’t serve within our communities for personal gain. 

So, how does it benefit your community when you give back? 

  • When you give back to your local community, you learn the significance of helping those in need. And, as we each seek to do this, we connect with others, shaping and improving the places where we live.

  • When you donate monetarily or serve through time and effort in your community, you are improving your local economy. 

    • Charitable donations keep money flowing within your town or community. As you donate to programs that improve poverty within your community, you are strengthening an entire population of people within your local area, improving those lives which go on to then contribute to the community in other ways.

      • Many programs would cease to exist without community volunteers. When you donate your time and services to help these programs, you keep these services and events going, providing help and enjoyment to those who need it most in your community. 

      • When you give back to the community you live in, you play a role in bridging existing societal gaps that may exist in the area. 

      • Some avenues of community service actually help to provide safety for those living there. And, safer neighborhoods can in turn attract more families, thus improving the economy and the town as a whole.

      • Some monetary donations can help to improve the educational opportunities for children in your community. 

      • Just going out and spending time in your community can help you to meet new friends, get to know your neighbors, and make the place you live in a more enjoyable area! 

            How can You Help? 

            If you’re looking to get involved in your own community but aren’t sure where to start, here is a list of ways you can give back.


            At Lifeboost, we like to give coffee to various public servants in our community, but you don’t have to be a coffee company to give back!

            You can donate gently-used clothing or toys to programs seeking to provide such items to those in need throughout your community. 

            Consider donating unused food items to your local food bank or pantry. 

            And, you can collect used books for your local library or school. 

            You can even set up stations at your office, church, or a local school or business (with approval) to collect such items for those in need. 

            Monetary donations to organizations within your community also go a long way to both directly help those in need as well as fund programs or charities that provide relief or aid to needy families. 

            Clean Up

            Have you ever considered lending a helping hand throughout your town or community when it comes to trash pick up or beautification projects? 

            While it can seem like a small thing, such acts can be a big help. 


            There are multiple ways in which you can aid your community through volunteering your time and/or talents. 

            Schools are sometimes in need of mentors for at-risk children. And, tutoring or assisting in any needed nature can benefit the youth in your community. 

            If available in your community, you can seek to volunteer serving food at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. 

            Some senior centers allow volunteers to come in and spend needed quality time with residents. 

            And, as blood is always needed in hospitals, organizing or serving at a blood drive is a great way to help out in your community. 

            If you’re an animal lover, consider lending a hand at your local animal shelter. 
            When it comes time to cast your ballot, seek to volunteer your time at your town’s voting precincts. 

            And, during times of disaster, most communities are in need of helping hands to pitch in and provide relief (in multiple ways) for those affected. 

            As we all seek to lend a helping hand, to learn more, do more, and be better, together we can ignite a fire (the good kind) that spreads kindness through our communities all around the world!

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