Shopping Tips: Choose from These 6 Excellent Reusable K-Cups

6 min read SEP 22, 2023

If you're a fan of coffee, you know that K-cups are convenient, but they can be quite expensive and contribute to waste. To combat these issues, reusable K-cups were designed. But they require extra steps such as grinding and preparation, which can eliminate some convenience factors. The cleaning process can also be a bit of a hassle.

If you're searching for an affordable and eco-friendly option that is easy to use and can produce a delicious cup of coffee, we recommend trying the Aeropress. It's a great choice, especially if taste matters to you.

Although we advised against using K-cups if you're still determined to use them, here are some of the most well-reviewed models on Amazon.


According to a 5-star Amazon review, the user stopped using their Keurig due to unsuccessful attempts with reusable coffee filters. After finding the K-cup, they resumed using their Keurig. According to the review, the K-cup is long-lasting, effortless to clean, fits flawlessly in their K-cup drawer, and yields tasty coffee.

Other users have commented that it works well and performs its intended function with minimal effort. Additionally, compatibility with almost all Keurig models is a plus point.

Maxware's reusable coffee filters can be used with a variety of Keurig models, such as B79, B50, B100, K65, B135, B40, B70, K145, B130, B150, K75, B10, B30, B31, B44, B55, B60, B66, B77, B140, B145, B200, K10, and K45.

This product cannot be used with the Keurig Cuisinart models K155 and K250. However, it is a suitable replacement for Solofill, Keurig My K-Cup, and Ekobrew coffee filters. You only need to fill the reusable filter with your choice of coffee and insert it into the brewer.


Almost all coffee makers are compatible with these reusable K-cups. The cups consist of a refillable coffee pod housing encasing a stainless steel mesh strainer that is 100% free from BPA. They have undergone compatibility tests and are ensured to work with most coffee makers.

This product has received a lot of positive feedback. A user specifically appreciated how it reduces waste from disposable pods, has a tight seal, brews a great cup of coffee, and prevents any grounds from ending up in the cup.

Some people have reported that this coffee maker produces weak coffee, but this only applies to those who prefer strong coffee. However, those who enjoy mild coffee find it to work well and highly recommend it.


These K-cups can be reused to maximize your coffee experience and are crafted with top-quality, safe materials free from BPA, DEHP, and lead. They work with most coffee makers and are affordably priced.

A user commented that the pods were effective and did their job properly. However, they noticed that fine bits of coffee could pass through the mesh, although it didn't ruin the coffee. They didn't have any other problems with the product and plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

A different user shared that they have been using these for three months without any issues. They have not experienced any incidents of overflow or leakage. They recommended hand-washing to increase their lifespan.


These K-cups are designed to work with Single cup brewers. They are easy to use and built to last while providing effective functionality.

The filters are high-quality 18/8 stainless steel micromesh, and the lids have a silicone O-Ring for a tight fit. They are made of plastic that can withstand high temperatures and are completely free of BPA, lead, and DEHP.

A satisfied customer shared a positive review, mentioning their experience using these pods for a few weeks. They expressed that they haven't faced any problems yet, the pods did not leak, and cleaning them was effortless. Moreover, the coffee produced by these pods was excellent in taste. The customer was so impressed that they even sent a sample to their daughter, who resides in another part of the country.


This reusable filter is the only one approved by Keurig and works with all Keurig home coffee makers. It has two fill lines that allow you to brew normal cup sizes or travel mugs. The filters are made from premium and durable materials that are BPA-free.

A user mentioned that it is a great way to prepare coffee at a cheap price compared to the original K-cups. They also say that they like their coffee strong, and this is the only reusable K-cup that produces a coffee according to their taste.

Some people mentioned that they faced difficulty in fitting it into small Keurig machines such as K-Mini. Nevertheless, they eventually figured out a way to do it with some effort.


The premium coffee filter is both reusable and compatible with many Keurig models. It is made of 100% BPA-free, high-quality materials with food-grade stainless steel mesh. Despite this quality, it is available at a very reasonable price.

A user commented that these K-cups are more effective and cost-efficient than regular Ones. They recommended grinding your coffee beans for the best results and advised using the strong brew option for these K-cups.
Another user stated that they prefer strong coffee made with roasted coffee beans and found that these pods suit their taste preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these reusable K-cups compatible with all Keurig models?

No, they are not compatible with all Keurig models. It is important to check each model's compatibility before purchase, as some may be incompatible with certain models.

Is it necessary to grind my coffee beans for use in these K-cups?

It depends on your preference. Many users prefer pre-ground commercial coffees for convenience. However, grinding your coffee beans can give you a more personalized cup of coffee and improve the taste you get from using reusable K-cups.

Is it safe to use these K-cups?

Yes, these reusable K-cups are safe if you purchase from a reputable seller. They are constructed with BPA-free materials and food-grade stainless steel mesh, so you can be assured that they will not affect your coffee's taste or the safety of your health.

How do I clean the reusable K-cup?

The cleaning process for each type of reusable K-cup may differ slightly, but they should all be washed with warm water and dish soap. You can also soak them in vinegar overnight before rinsing them off to remove any residue. Additionally, if you have a dishwasher, you can easily clean them by putting them on the top shelf.

How frequently should I change my reusable K-cup?

The lifespan of your reusable K-cup depends on how frequently it is used and how well it is cared for. If you take care of it, you should get a few years of use out of each one. However, if the material is starting to degrade or tear, it may be time to replace the reusable K-cup with a new one.

Will these K-cups produce a strong cup of coffee?

It depends on your preference. Generally, the stronger the grind and roast, the stronger the cup of coffee will be. However, if you prefer milder coffees, using a reusable K-cup is still an option, as it can still produce good-tasting cups of coffee that are not too strong or bitter.

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