How To Make Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee: The 101 Guide

5 min read JUL 26, 2023

A cup of hot coffee with instant coffee? Easy. Just put some instant coffee in a cup, add hot water and milk, stir, and voila! But what about iced coffee? Guess what? It’s even easier.

Many people dread the thought of making iced coffee at home. That’s probably because they might’ve read somewhere that it requires more work and several hours. If that’s the case, you might’ve read about making cold brew or iced coffee with whole beans. While these beverages do require several hours to finally settle in a glass, making iced coffee with instant coffee takes just 2 minutes and four simple ingredients.

Want to learn the easiest and perhaps the last iced coffee with instant coffee recipe you’ll ever need? We’ve mentioned it below.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee?

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • 1-2 tsp of Instant Coffee Grounds
  • 2/3 Cup Cold Water (straight from the fridge)
  • 1/3 Cup Creamer
  • Ice cubes

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Iced Coffee

Step 1: Mix Coffee Grounds And Creamer

To get started, take a tall glass. Add 1-2 tsp of instant coffee and 1/3 cup of creamer. Then, stir well so that both ingredients get mixed evenly. At this stage, the coffee grounds will partially dissolve.

Step 2: Pour Water

The next step is to add 2/3 cup of cold water. Stir consistently to dissolve the coffee grounds completely. This step is where you need to show your determination. Trust us; it takes quite a lot of stirring.

Tip: Use 1 ½ cups of water instead of 2/3 if you prefer a lighter coffee flavor.

Step 3: Add Ice

Once your coffee has dissolved completely, all there’s left to do is add ice cubes and slurp away!

Instant Iced-Coffee Recipe: Alternatives & Variations

The above 3-step recipe is the basic version, best for when you need a quick caffeine fix on the go! If you have the time and ingredients, we’ll let you in on some alternative ingredients you can use to make your iced coffee even more flavorful.


When it comes to creamers, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s heavy cream, coffee creamer, and half-and-half. Then comes subtypes like dairy, non-dairy, flavored, sweetened, unsweetened, vegan, etc. So, feel free to use your favorite creamer. Besides, you can experiment with different creamers each time you make iced coffee.

For newbies, you can first start with a classic French vanilla-flavored creamer. This one never disappoints us. There’s also the popular almond creamer which results in a less sugary and creamier drink. Other popular choices include soy-based and milk-based creamers. Not to forget, if you’re feeling fancy, add a swirl of whipped cream on top before serving.

Pro Tip: Ran out of creamer? No worries. Mix 6 oz of cold milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar to your instant cold coffee to thicken the drink.


Our standard iced coffee recipe calls for some good old-fashioned ice cubes. But this choice is totally up to you. We get it; the shape of ice doesn’t really matter. But for those people who want to take Instagram-worthy shots of their creation, playing with different kinds of ice can make your drink look even more appealing. Half cubes, crescent ice, and nugget ice are popular options.

Another delicious way to use ice in your drink is to blend it in. This will result in thin ice shavings, giving your iced coffee a texture like Frappuccino. For this, just follow steps 1 and 2. Then, pour the drink into a blender, add ice, and mix until the drink thickens.

Alter The Ingredient Proportions

Our iced coffee recipe allows you to alter the ingredient proportions to suit your taste and make it your own. After all, it’s all about creating the perfect glass of drink that hits the spot for you! Whether you want to make it stronger or sweeter, you can achieve it by playing with the amount of water, instant coffee, and creamer. Here’s how:

  • Strong Iced Coffee:

Add more instant coffee while also reducing the amount of water and creamer. This way, the coffee flavor will shine through.

  • Light Iced Coffee:

Use 1-2 tsp of instant coffee. Add 1 ½ cups of water and ½ cup of creamer.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Are you going to try making iced coffee with instant coffee? It’s super easy, less time-consuming, and requires just four easily available ingredients- instant coffee, creamer, cold water, and ice.

The next time you feel the summer heat, you now know what to whip up.


What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a powdered or dehydrated form of coffee. It is made from real coffee beans. Instant coffee comes in two types – powdered or liquid.

What’s the difference between coffee powder and instant coffee?

Despite their similar appearance, the main difference between coffee powder and instant coffee is that instant coffee easily dissolves in water while coffee powder or ground coffee does not.

Can you mix instant coffee with cold water?

Of course, instant coffee mixes with and dissolves in cold water. In fact, it’s the preferred method of making iced coffee for many coffee lovers.

Can you make iced coffee with regular coffee?

Yes, you can use regular coffee to make iced coffee. One common way to do this is by pouring brewed coffee over ice in a pitcher to chill the drink. Then, stir well, and serve the drink in a glass over ice.

Does instant coffee in cold water taste good?

The answer to this question is subjective. While hot coffee connoisseurs might not like the taste of instant coffee in cold water, some claim that it tastes equally, if not more delicious, than its hot counterpart. In fact, many say that instant coffee in cold water makes the coffee flavor fresher.

How to store iced coffee?

Ended up making what’s more than required? You can easily store iced coffee in the freezer. Pour the remaining drink into an ice tray and freeze it. And the next time you crave a glass of iced coffee, just pop out the ice cubes, let it melt (or blend it), and enjoy.

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