For Who You Are And All You Do - Mothers We Appreciate YOU!

13 min read APR 25, 2024

Sunday evening I was privileged to go shopping with my daughter in search of a prom dress, and while I was waiting outside of her dressing room, as she tried on multiple options, a young lady approached me with a simple request.

As this young woman entered an adjacent fitting room, before closing the door, she hesitated, then turned to me and asked, “After I try these on, will you tell me which ones look okay? My mom isn’t here to do this with me.”

So, for the next several minutes, I weighed in on both my daughter’s and this young lady’s dress selections, in joyful awe of how stunning each young woman truly was.

Such a simple act, but those moments in the fitting area, especially with the request of this sweet, young stranger, brought to my mind the profound impact of mothers.

Truthfully, I believe it’s easy to take the role of a mother for granted. But, that’s what makes occasions such as Mother’s Day so very special, so very important.

On such days, we tend to focus on the grand things mothers give and sacrifice to care for their children, such as carrying their children throughout pregnancy, bringing them into the world through the pains of labor and delivery, going through the arduous journey of adoption, the sleepless nights, feedings, laundry done, meals made, rooms cleaned, ouchies kissed and cared for, and on and on - and these are monumentally worthy of praise and recognition - but may I submit to you that the everyday moments with mom are equally praiseworthy.

When a young child scores a homerun on the t-ball field…

When a 2nd grader gets an A on his/her spelling test…

When a teen gets home from a stressful shift at their part-time, after-school job…

When a little one makes it down the driveway for the first time on their bike without training wheels…

When a teen experiences their first heartbreak in a relationship…

And, when a young lady is trying on prom dresses, or wedding dresses, etc…

In all of these situations and countless others, it’s the hugs, care, warmth, input, advice, and love of a mother that gives and brings comfort, support, and joy as no other person can.

So today, we’re here to honor such women: mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and all of the women in our lives who’ve stepped into the role of a mother, no matter the circumstance.

None of us would be where we are today without these women, without our mothers or mother-figures. So, for all they give to us, we’d like to take advantage of the opportunity to sincerely give back, in appreciation, to our mothers.

Why Should We Appreciate Our Mothers

“Mothers will give up their own happiness for the sake of their children.”

“The love a mother has for her children cannot be measured, or described in words.”

“A mother’s love makes the impossible feel possible.”

These are just a few quotes I’ve found in a search for the best way to describe the love and character of a mother.

Of course, as one of those quotes explained, this truly is an unachieveable task, putting into words the importance of motherhood.

However, for a role as indescribably important as this, we must try…

Whether you realize it or not, in your youth all the way until you reach your final days on this earth, your mother (or mother figure) is the best friend you will likely ever have.

Sure, she’s not perfect, but…

She always has your best interest at heart.

And, often more than anyone else, she loves you sacrificially, endlessly, without wavering, through tears and laughter, through joys and pains - even beyond all of this.

Yes, a mother is so much more:


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She Is Strong…

If you’re searching for a picture of what it looks like to be strong, look to your mother or those who’ve stepped into that role in your life.

Such women are often knocked off their feet due to pain, sorrow, and hardship in their own lives, yet they resiliently show up for their children (biological or otherwise).

Some wise, insightful words I recently found regarding mothers described such women as those who always find a way to “rise from the ashes.”

While they undoubtedly teach us valuable life lessons, it’s this type of drive, resilience, and strength, coupled with unwavering support, that has helped each of us, guiding us on the path of lifelong discovery, achievement, and even success.

She Is Wise…

Much of the wisdom we gain from our mothers happens in real time…in actions above words.

Sure, moms give excellent advice, and her words can bring comfort like no other. But, if you take the time to truly watch your mother, you will gain a wealth of knowledge to guide you all throughout life.

Children who grow up to be kind and caring have often learned this character trait through watching their mother, grandmother, etc. care for others.

As a mother rises above difficulties or trials, she teaches her children to be strong, to be wise, and to endure.

In common tasks that we often take for granted such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, yard work, organization, and preparation, she imparts knowledge that is essential throughout life.

As mothers organize gatherings to keep the family close, those around her learn the value of being together.

As mothers show up to support their children in their passions, they instill strength, confidence, and drive.

As a mother stops to pick flowers with her young ones or enjoys a picnic or hike on a sunny day, she expands the minds of her children, opening wide the doors to discovery.

With each bedtime story she reads, even repeatedly, she knows she’s enhancing her child’s vocabulary as well as instilling a needed love for learning.

And, the list goes on, and on, and on.

She Is Supportive…

Each time your mother cheers you on in any passion you pursue, she’s aiding in your future development, boosting your self-esteem, and instilling within you the gift of confidence.

Mothers are some of the world’s best encouragers, offering shoulders, hugs, tears, advice, and love, which not only helps us see the beauty and worth in our own self, but in others as well.

The support of a mother builds character, strength, and uniquely shapes us to take on and conquer future challenges.

In times of sorrow, the support and encouragement that comes from a mother can provide a deep and penetrating comfort otherwise unknown, or often lacking, in this world.

She Is Generous…

A mother gives the gift of emotion to her children.

Women are unique in their expression of emotion, and because of this, a mother essentially teaches her children a variety of emotions as well as how to handle and express these feelings.

A mother gives the gift of time, sacrificing privacy, attention, even needed “self care” moments to ensure her children are healthy, happy, loved, and thriving.

A mother often gives of herself, even in lack, to pour into the lives of her children.

When she’s hungry, she gives the last serving of food so her children have plenty.

When she’s tired, she gives hours into the night aiding in school projects, driving to visit adult children, waiting up to know her teenagers are safe, etc.

When she’s sad, she puts aside her grief to take on the sorrows of her children experiencing friend squabbles, disappointments, or greater “adulthood” pains.

When she’s in need of some extra TLC, she forfeits her own needs to give, or bestow, tenderness, love, and care to/on/for her children.

For all of the above reasons and so many more, mothers deserve respect, care, encouragement, love, and a much earned and well-deserved showing of appreciation!

The Best Ways To Show Appreciation To The Mothers In Your Life

There are many ways to show the mothers in your life how grateful you are for them as well as how much you respect, love, and appreciate them.

But, what I believe to be the most fitting show of appreciation to/for such women are those gestures which best fit her unique character or personality.

Of course, as a mother sacrifices her time and gives of herself to/for her children, gifts that reflect the same type of effort are often the most meaningful.

Still, with that being said, each woman and mother is ultimately unique, and that’s why we’ve compiled a lengthy list of ideas for you, filled with ways we can all express our love and heartfelt appreciation to the mothers in our lives who’ve given so much of themselves for us!

1- Say It, Write It, Tell It

We often speed through our days without stopping to truly thank our moms, without stopping to tell her how much she really means to us.

So, seek to do this for your mother!

Make a card, write a letter, send a note…and use this gesture to contemplate all of the ways she’s loved, cared for, and supported you, putting your love and gratitude for all of it down on paper (or in a card, piece of artwork, note, etc).

2- A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

A mother’s children are the apple(s) of her eye. She never tires of seeing the faces of those she loves so dearly. So, consider taking photos or having photos taken to present to her.

Even further, consider making a scrapbook or album of photos for her.

And, if you’re able, take this to the next level by including heartfelt notes, stories, or memories, expressing your joy and gratitude for the little moments throughout life where she’s given of herself to you.

3- ‘You Can Buy Your Mom Flowers

Whether you purchase, plant, or pick them, flowers make a great gift for moms.

Speaking from experience, when my kids bring me flowers, it truly makes my heart happy!

Flowers are beautiful, yes, but they also express the gratitude in which they’re given with every waft of scent they add to a room, with every glance of their elegance and beauty, and they’re a natural, organic way to truly say, “I love you.”

I will say, if you’re going to plant flowers for your mother, I’d highly recommend (if able) planting them with your mom as this provides an opportunity to spend quality time with her as well.

4- Spend Time With Mom

Since I just ended the last point with a way to spend time with mom, I also wanted to include this method of appreciation in a broad sense.

Spending quality time with your mom is a personal way to express your appreciation towards her, letting her know you love her by showing a desire to simply spend time in her presence, doing something she enjoys.

5- Lend A Hand

The Beatles may have gotten by with a little help from their friends, but moms could always use a little help from their children.

When you lend your mom a hand, offering to help…or better yet, tackling mundane chores for her completely…this gesture not only shows her you care, but it also frees up a little bit of time for her to spend doing something she enjoys.

So, consider both avenues here, as helping your mother can be a productive way to spend quality time with her, but taking a few tasks off of her never ending to-do list entirely could grant her some much needed rest and relaxation as well.

6- Make Her A Meal

Mothers are usually the ones making meals for the family throughout the week, weekend, for parties or gatherings, on special occasions, and on and on.

To show her you appreciate all of these labors of love, cook a meal for her for a change.

And, as a mom, might I add that making a meal also includes shopping for said meal, cleaning up the kitchen, and doing the dishes. :)

7- Take Care Of Her

Showing appreciation for your mother or the mother figures in your life shouldn’t only be done on Mother’s Day.

If any such women in your life are going through a difficult time, have fallen ill, just need a day of rest, etc. you can show her how much she means to you by taking care of her in her time of need.

Moms are often left to continue on with life, chores, errands, work, and more even while they aren’t feeling well (physically, emotionally, etc), so letting her know that you see her in her time of need by taking care of her will speak volumes.

8- Plan An Outing Just For Her

Sometimes moms need a little bit of alone time. And, showing her you appreciate all she does for you can be spoken loudly with the gift of an experience that’s just for her.

If she enjoys shopping, maybe you can give her a gift card that she can use just for her, granting a gift as well as some time out by herself.

If she’d benefit from a massage, maybe a certificate for this service would make a great alone time gift.

If you’re able, plan a weekend getaway that she can enjoy.

The possibilities are endless here, just take note of what your mom/mother figure enjoys, then plan accordingly to give her a needed break.

9- Gift Ideas

Other than outings and flowers, you can show your appreciation and gratitude towards your mother by picking out a special gift for her.

Just be sure to look for items she truly enjoys, taking note of those things which make her smile, and shopping accordingly.

10- Give Mom The Royal Treatment

Mothers often cater to every need, whim, task, and want for their children.

So, how about making her feel special by pampering her?

Perhaps this means gifting the items necessary for a relaxing bath, complete with her favorite salts and/or oils, a scented candle, and a glass of wine.

Maybe this means you can buy, then prepare her a cup of, her favorite coffee.

And, this kind of coincides with the gift of a needed break, but you could also plan a spa day for her, complete with facials, massages, nail and or hair salon treatments, etc.

Moms can often neglect personal needs at the expense of their families, so be sure to include those items which would best make your mother feel relaxed, pampered, and lovingly cared for.

And now, to close things out, let’s extend this list by including some creative, but simple, things you can do any time to make sure your mother feels loved, seen, and appreciated…

11- Be sure to listen to your mom when she expresses her interests, joys, sorrows, and/or concerns.

12- If you’re able to drive, give mom a break and be her appreciative, grateful “uber” for once.

13- Share your life with her, telling her all of your happiest moments as well as those times in which you’re troubled.

14- Visit your mom (once you’re grown and no longer at home).

15- Succeed…in your career, in your character, and so on. Your mother has poured her life into yours, and it brings her great joy to see you thriving.

16- Carry on, and continue to include her in, the family traditions that she worked so hard to include and execute throughout your childhood to make it special.

17- Spend some time running errands for your mom, or join her (unless she just needs some time alone) to keep her company as she’s running errands herself.

18- In adulthood, stop in to say hi, and bring your mom a cup of coffee or tea, unexpectedly.

19- Give her a hug!

20- Volunteer with your mother, supporting those causes she believes in or values.


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