Cup Size at Starbucks: Guide to Starbucks' Seven Magical Cups Sizes

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Over half of the population in the U.S. drinks coffee on a daily basis; craving that caffeine and energy boost. At Lifeboost, we also know that coffee offers major health benefits from disease-fighting antioxidants to lowering your risk of liver cancer. While health is essential and something we should all take seriously, every once in a while a little indulgence is okay!

So, if you are out-and-about and looking for a treat for your cheat day, sometimes grabbing a cup of brew at Starbucks might be tempting.

Though, the thought of navigating the sizes of Starbucks’ cups may be mystifying especially if you're not a regular patron.

Rather than relying on conventional small, medium, and large labels, Starbucks opted for an Italian-inspired scheme. This setting is designed to emulate authentic Italian coffee bars and provide a distinct sense of comfort.

Despite my extensive experience as a coffee connoisseur, I find myself perplexed at times by the different sizes offered.

In this post, I'll explain every cup size in Starbucks vividly, discuss the range of beverages that can be served in each, and inform you about how many espresso shots are typically added.

Without further ado, let's get started!

What Are The Different Cup Sizes In Starbucks?

1. Demi

This cup holds 3 fluid ounces of liquid.

Are you a fan of espresso? Then the petite Demi cup is perfect for you! With only 3 oz, it's Starbucks' smallest coffee mug size. So sip away and enjoy your delightful treat in style with an adorable mini-mug. The word "Demi" has its origins in French; it is derived from the phrase "demitasse," which translates to mean half cup.

Within the realm of coffee, demitasse cups are often utilized to serve espresso and come in a petite size. On certain occasions, one can expect to be presented with the customary spoons alongside an espresso.

Have you ever wondered what beverages are available in a Demi size?
Whether you're a single or double espresso enthusiast, order away! If you fancy cortados and macchiatos, your drink will be served in a Demi cup.

Don't be taken aback if your espresso order arrives in a short cup rather than the usual demi cup; some locations don't carry those. You'll still get your double shot, just in different packaging!

Best for:

The Demi cup size in Starbucks is ideal for those who enjoy a powerful, traditional espresso experience - whether solo or as a double.

2. Short

This cup holds 8 fluid ounces of liquid.

Starbucks' Short size was one of their original sizes; however, it had to be taken off the menu to save room. Yet, it remains a viable option if you're searching for a hot beverage! Regarding most beverages, the short size is the least voluminous option – aside from a petite shot of espresso.

Enjoy a perfectly portioned 8fl oz beverage for the little ones or when you want to sip on something small. The short size of our cups is perfect for indulging in your favorite hot drinks, including lattes, hot chocolates, or mochas.

I have an affinity for the short latte, especially after lunchtime. It's a great beverage that only requires one shot of espresso - so it tastes just as wonderful but with half the caffeine!

Best for:

It is perfect for children's drinks or if you only need a small cup of hot coffee.

3. Tall

The Tall cup size in Starbucks comes in a convenient 12-fluid-ounce cup.

Amidst the list of cups available from the standard menu, no other stands shorter than the tall cup - clearly visible behind the counter. Starbucks' largest size used to be what we now call a "tall," and it's still the most popular cup today! Despite being the largest, this cup could only ever contain 12fl oz.

The 'Tall' size is the most diminutive cup available if you're looking for a chilled beverage. Typically, tall drinks are crafted with only one shot of espresso for a strong jolt of caffeine. The tall latte size is an excellent selection if you are a fan of creamy, milky lattes.

If you're looking for a strong caffeine hit, the flat white and Americano is your best bet - both drinks contain two espresso shots in a tall cup. Remember, you can add an extra espresso shot to your tall size for a more potent flavor.

Best for:

This is the perfect option for those who are looking for a classic latte, smaller iced drinks, or if you prefer to have less sugar in your beverage.

4. Grande

With a generous sixteen fluid ounces of capacity, you'll never be lacking for your favorite beverage with this cup size in Starbucks.

"Grande" is the Italian word for "big."You can likely envision that the grande size was previously the maximum offering on the menu. However, with the addition of the Venti, an even bigger size became available for customers to choose from.

Starbucks patrons find the Grande size their go-to order, making it one of the most highly sought-after drinks on the menu. Whether you opt for an Americano or Flat White, each delectable cup is made with two espresso shots – unless otherwise requested!

Just as with the Tall beverages, Grande drinks can be ordered hot or cold.
For a few select beverages, the Grande size is all that's available.

Best for:

All Starbucks classics or when you're in the mood for something a bit more medium. Frappuccino fans, this is your go-to size!

5. Venti Hot

This item holds twenty fluid ounces of fluid.

Did you know that the Venti size of Starbucks beverages is divided into two sizes when it comes to hot or iced drinks? Savvy customers understand this subtle distinction, but many others don't.

Looking for a delicious, hot beverage? Opt for the Venti, and get 20 full ounces of your favorite drink! As any Italian speaker knows, "Venti" stands for the number 20. Looking for an extra pick-me-up? Starbucks' Venti cup contains a robust two shots of espresso - the largest coffee they offer!

However, you can always customize your drinks to suit any preference! I'd always opt for the Venti for a creamy, sweet coffee with less of a bold flavor. It offers just the right amount of milk and syrup to complement its delicate taste.

Best for:

This is for you if you favor a less intense espresso taste or want to get the most out of your coffee.

6. Venti Cold

This cup holds a total of 24 fluid ounces.

You may think that the "Venti" cup size means 20 ounces, as it is derived from the Italian for twenty. However, this delightful and refreshing beverage contains 24 ounces of liquid when considering the icy content!

Maximize your Starbucks experience by indulging in the tallest iced espresso-based drinks, such as Iced Shaken Espresso with a Venti Cold! Get your caffeine fix with this package of three shots of espresso.

If you're seeking the highest concentration of espresso in a single serving, then your ideal option is the Venti cold. Even though this drink is massive, there are even bigger options available on the menu - if you're looking specifically for espresso drinks.

Best for:

Look no further than our iced drinks for a jolt of espresso-induced energy – they're the perfect way to get your caffeine fix!

7. Trenta Cold

This cup comes with a generous amount of 31 fluid ounces.

Despite the Trenta Cold being labeled as the largest size on their menu, it only applies to a select few of their iced drinks. Adhering to the Italian naming convention, Trenta was unveiled in 2011 - "Trenta" translating to 30.

The Trenta size is not available for any espresso-based beverages. If you're looking for a refreshing cool beverage, Starbucks can provide it! Enjoy a cold brew or an iced coffee in a Trenta cup. Or if that's not your style, try one of Starbucks' many other options: from iced teas to Starbucks Refreshers and lemonades- there is something that everyone will love.

While not every Starbucks has the Trenta size, many of them do.

Best for:

Those looking to savor the flavor of a refreshing iced drink, a freshly-brewed cup of iced coffee, or an energizing beverage to keep you going all summer long.

Bottom Line

As someone whose home coffee maker is pre-set, timer and all, to deliver the perfectly sized cup of Lifeboost each morning, Starbucks’ unique cup system can be a bit overwhelming. If you are looking for a convenient treat on your cheat day, though, knowing the different options might come in handy!

Frequently Asked Questions On Starbucks' Cup Sizes

1. What is the most budget-friendly item available at Starbucks?

The most cost-effective refreshment option at Starbucks is a small brewed coffee or hot tea at just over $2.00! You can get an espresso shot instead of a short brewed tea for just a few extra pennies. Sizes can also vary in price depending on the location.

2. What is the largest size available at Starbucks?

The largest size available at Starbucks is the Trenta, containing 31 fluid ounces of a beverage. This size is exclusive to iced drinks only and not espresso-based beverages. However, other sizes are larger than Venti, such as the Tazo Tea Pot and Doubleshot on Ice.

3. When should I order a Venti size?

The Venti cup is optimal for enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverage without it being too intense or overpowering. It's perfect for those looking for a milder taste with just the right amount of sweetness. It also offers a good balance between milk and espresso for those looking for a creamier coffee beverage.

4. How many ounces are in a Starbucks Trenta cup?

The Trenta size is 31 fluid ounces, containing the most liquid the store offers. With this size, you can get more bang for your buck and indulge in an icy, flavorful refreshment.

5. What is the smallest cup size at Starbucks?

The smallest cup size offered by Starbucks is the Short, with 8 fluid ounces. This size is perfect for a quick pick-me-up or if you're looking to try something new without committing to a larger serving. It's also great for those who want an espresso shot - one espresso is equal to one short cup.

6. Are any beverages only available in a Trenta size?

Yes, certain beverages at Starbucks can only be purchased in the Trenta size. These include their bottled Frappuccinos, select cold brews, and Starbucks Refreshers. Additionally, some seasonal drinks are only offered in the Trenta size, such as the Toasted Coconut Cold Brew and Mocha Coconut Frappuccino.

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