Best-Selling Energy Drinks, Ranked from Most Popular to Least

10 min read MAR 07, 2023

People are becoming increasingly more conscious of their health and well-being, including us here at Lifeboost, which is why knowing what food, drinks, and general nutrients you put in your body matters. As people focus on healthy food to fuel their bodies, we also know exercise can have huge benefits when it comes to overall health and wellness.

A trend that is growing as fitness continues to be popular, is the use of energy drinks to give people an energy boost and improve their performance when working out. It has led to considerable growth in the sales of energy drinks worldwide, though there have been some discrepancies in different regions and controversies over if energy drinks can be considered “healthy.”

Many know of the incredible health benefits caffeine can offer, and while coffee can be a healthy option for those exploring how to leverage caffeine in your own health journeys, for others, energy drinks might offer a little bit of something different.

As energy drinks become more and more popular, brands are capitalizing on offering “healthier” alternatives to the high-sugar contents of previous energy drink trends. At Lifeboost, we caution that “zero sugar” does not always mean healthy and we want our members to select the brands and beverages which offer them the best overall health benefits. As a company who is health conscious, we want you to have as much information as possible when you look for ways of improving your overall wellbeing and fitness levels.

If you're seeking for the best energy drinks to aid boost your performance and stay energized throughout the day, and you need an alternative to coffee or protein powders, you should check out some of the utmost-selling brands on the market.

This article provides an overview of some of the most popular energy drink varieties available and helpful details about each one's unique ingredients and benefits. Knowing what these popular brands include as ingredients can help you make an informed decision about your overall health while you test out ways to improve your energy and performance.

Top Selling Energy Drinks

On March 25th, 2021, James Foster released the rankings of popular drinks according to their caloric and caffeine content. Red Bull emerged first with 117 calories and 80mg of caffeine. Monster Energy came second with 210 calories and 160mg; Bang Energy took the third position due to its 0 calorie content but high 300mg caffeine count.

Red Bull Sugar-free was fourth on the list with ten calories but still containing 80 mg of caffeine, while Monster Ultra completed the top five ranking with ten calories and 150mg of caffeine. This new ranking provides detailed insight into the specific energy levels associated with each drink.

Red Bull tops the sales chart with an astonishing 2.891 billion US Dollars, while Monster Energy follows closely behind at 1.763 USD million, and Bang Energy brings up the rear with 0 USD in sales. Red Bull Sugar-free and Monster Ultra have also held steady with 7 USD million each in their respective markets.

It shows that these energy drinks maintain a strong presence in their designated areas and hold similar levels of popularity among consumers.

In the globalized market, the need and distribution of goods and services can vary greatly across countries year-to-year. Gathering accurate information on current conditions is a complicated issue as research must be carried out in each country to understand prevailing trends.

It means no global information source is available for comparison or reference purposes. Consequently, staying informed about changes in the international markets requires ongoing monitoring and analysis.

The global energy drink market has seen significant growth and is estimated to be worth $61 billion in 2020. The top energy drinks brands differ depending on where they originate, their share of the market, and who owns them. These leading names have made an indelible mark on the industry and continue to drive growth worldwide.

In 2020, Red Bull (Austria) took the top spot in worldwide energy drink sales. Monster and Rockstar from the US were not far behind, while Eastroc Super Drink and Hi-Tiger claimed a huge share of China's market. Other big players included Lucozade from Japan, NOS, hailing from America's shores, and Oronamin C Plus and Burned, made in Japan.

Each drink provides an energy boost with a unique combination of caffeine, sugar, taurine, and B vitamins. The drinks vary in taste, nutritional value, and price range to meet individual needs or preferences. Many health experts recommend limiting or avoiding energy drinks as they can have potential negative side effects when consumed in excess.

Monster Beverage Corp had an exceptional year in 2020, with sales of their energy drink products totaling $4.6 billion - a 9.5% increase from the prior year. This impressive growth is a testament to the company's commitment to providing consumers with high-quality and innovative beverages.

The product line has been consistently expanding and now includes various varieties that cater to different needs, tastes, and preferences. As demand grows, Monster Beverage Corp looks forward to additionally increasing sales in 2021.

Energy shots have seen prodigious success in the US beverage industry, generating around $977 million in sales in 2020. 5-Hour Energy was the overriding contributor to this august figure, accounting for 89% of the total market share, despite experiencing a slight decrease of 7.9% from 2019 to 2020.

These numbers demonstrate how popular energy shots have become and how much impact they have on the American beverage landscape.

Regarding energy shots, 5 Hour Energy was the top seller in 2020, with four calories and 200mg of caffeine. Other popular brands include Tweaker Shot which contains 0 calories and 275mg of caffeine; Stacker Extreme Energy Shot, with 0 calories and 205mg of caffeine; Stacker 2 and Bang Shot, which both have 0 calories but 300mg of caffeine.

All these drinks offer a quick boost without any added sugar or fats. The energizing ingredients make them ideal for those who need a quick drink during long days or late nights. They provide an effective way to increase energy levels while avoiding unhealthy sugary snacks or beverages.

The US energy drinks market is highly competitive, with five major brands vying for the top spot. 5 Hour Energy takes the lead in total sales, with an impressive $867.7 million earned over the past year. Closely trailing behind them is Tweaker Shot, amassing a total of $20.7 million, while Stacker Extreme Energy Shot secured revenue of $14.3 million, and Stacker 2 brought in 10.8 million USD.

Last but certainly not least, Bang shot accumulated an incredible 10.7-million-dollar revenue. These figures demonstrate that even though these smaller brands may be overshadowed by their larger competitors when it comes to revenues earned, they can still make notable contributions overall.

What Are The Most Popular Energy Drink Brands?

In the last seven years, energy drinks have seen a cogent surge in their sales figures. According to info, they have grown by an average of 5% yearly. Red Bull remains the most popular brand amongst consumers, while Monster (Original) is second.

Although, other companies, such as VPX Brewers' Bang Energy, are also making waves in this lucrative industry. In fact, from 2019 to 2020 alone, Bang Energy adept an impressive 80% increase in revenue and has since become one of the top five players in this market segment.

Red Bull remains the number one energy drink, with many claiming it is the best. Different consumers have varied tastes and preferences; however, Red Bull is an excellent way to increase energy levels. Its effects are so powerful that some people become reliant on it. It shows just how amazing this product is.

In the Philippines, an energizing beverage has surged in popularity: Cobra. This beverage is sold everywhere and can be found in grocery stores, restaurants, and local "tindahan" or sari-sari stores. Unlike Red Bull, which is popular in many other countries worldwide, Cobra has become a beloved go-to energy drink in the Philippines.

Whether it's to start your day with some extra pep or to help you stay up late into the night, this dynamite drink brings its unique flavor that has come to be loved by Filipinos of all ages.

The Cobra energy drink is an excellent value for money, costing only a few dollars per can. It proffers 240ml or one serving of just 180 calories and has a low caffeine content, making it safe to consume in moderation. With such a great price-performance ratio, there's no reason not to try the Cobra energy drink.

Although widely available in the Philippines, popular energy drinks like Red Bull are often too costly for some Filipinos. Instead, they tend to opt for cheaper alternatives that still provide them with a quick energy boost without overspending on pricey products.

Additionally, even those with the ability to purchase higher-priced energy drinks might opt not to because of their cost. This creates a considerable market opportunity for accessible and reasonably priced energy beverages in this country.

What Brand Of Energy Drink Is The Healthiest?

In 2021, a study conducted by the renowned website Caffeine Informer showed that Bang Energy was declared the healthiest energy beverage with zero calories. This result placed it at the top of the list, with Red Bull Sugar-free and Monster Ultra close behind at ten calories each.

These findings demonstrate that these power drinks are a great choice if you're looking for an alternative to sugary beverages with fewer calories but still provide a good energy boost. Additionally, they are all low in sugar or even completely sugar-free, helping to support healthier habits. As such, these beverages have become popular choices among those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The demand for energy drinks containing no or 0 sugar has steadily grown in recent years. Contrary to common thought, some of these beverages are not as unhealthy as they used to be as brands are adding beneficial antioxidants and other nutrients into their ingredients (similar to the health benefits of coffee).
Ultimately, the supply of different energy drinks is in constant flux, which can influence their respective sales figures. Depending on one's needs and preferences, plenty of options are available to proffer an effective and economical way to boost energy levels.

Whether for short-term or more sustained energy boosts, these beverages are a great option for anybody looking to increase their performance or productivity. If you are still unsure about energy drinks, you might try having a cup of coffee before a workout to see how your performance is altered by the caffeine found in your brew first!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best energy drink?

The best energy drink is subjective and depends on individual needs and preferences. Some popular options include Red Bull, Cobra, Bang Energy, and Monster Ultra.

Are energy drinks unhealthy?

Many energy drinks can benefit your overall health and wellness when consumed in moderation. With many options available, you should always read nutritional labels carefully to ensure the drink fits your lifestyle. Whether it's a low-calorie or sugar-free option, plenty of choices provide vital nutrients without excessive sugar or caffeine intake.

Do energy drinks work?

Energy drinks effectively provide an instant energy boost because they combine caffeine and other ingredients such as B vitamins. However, it's important to consume these beverages responsibly and not over-consume them to maximize their potential benefits.

Are energy drinks good for you?

Energy drinks can be beneficial in moderation; however, they should not be used as an everyday solution to increase energy levels. It's important to check the nutritional label of any energy beverage you consume and opt for low-calorie or sugar-free options if possible. Additionally, it's best to speak with a healthcare professional before consuming any energy beverages if you have underlying health concerns such as diabetes or heart-related issues.

What is Cobra Energy Drink?

Cobra Energy Drink is a refreshing carbonated beverage made from natural ingredients such as ginseng and guarana. It contains zero calories but provides a powerful boost of B vitamins and caffeine to help keep users energized.

What is Red Bull?

Red Bull is an energy drink that was first introduced in 1987 and contained various ingredients such as taurine, glucose, caffeine, B vitamins, and more to give users an instant energy boost. It comes in several flavors and varieties, including Sugar-free, Total Zero, and Energy Shot which all contain varying amounts of calories and sugar.

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