Best Coffee Makers in 2023: Complete Buying Guide

11 min read JAN 23, 2023

For coffee lovers, a good day starts with a cup of coffee. Without a high-end coffee maker, it's not a guarantee your coffee will be tasty. The brewing process has various variables that have to be strictly adhered to. But, with various coffee maker brands in the market, you may find it hectic to select the best coffee maker.

Our list contains some of the best coffee maker machines for home use. The list combines both old and new models. These are our recommendations, but your purchasing decision depends on your preference. Continue reading to find the best at-home coffee machines. 

How Coffee Makers Work

All coffee makers follow a simple process. First, water is added to the water reservoir while the ground coffee gets added to the filter. Then, the water hits up and passes through the coffee beans. The brewed coffee is dispensed into the glass carafe sitting atop the hot plate, thus keeping the coffee warm. We'll discuss the various coffee maker machines and how they work.

Types of coffee Maker Machines and How They Work 

1. Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee machine has two separate sections with similar pieces on the bottom and top. This machine runs water over the coffee grounds before releasing the brew into a cup. And, because of their easy-to-use procedure, most homes prefer drip coffee makers because of their simple-to-use procedure. 

2. Espresso Coffee Maker 

The espresso maker is designed to extract highly caffeinated coffee from water. Its variations are from simple to complex designs. The espresso coffee maker produces a strong espresso coffee without regular hot brew coffee. Its unique way of making coffee has handy components that utilize pressure to generate more caffeine into a cup. 

3. Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig is the most famous coffee machine on the market that uses pre-packed containers to brew a perfect single cup. The coffee brew process utilizes drip and espresso techniques from water to coffee. The Keurig coffee machine is more complicated, with wires and tubes running inside the machine with no comprehensive meaning. 

Best Rated and Reviewed Coffee Makers (2022)

Best Espresso Coffee Maker: Concierge Espresso Machine 8212S

A concierge espresso machine is fully automatic, making it fast and easy to operate. The thin profile makes it fit your kitchen, home office, or other convenient space. This espresso machine has an outstanding thermoblock heating system that makes heating faster. You will only wait for 2 seconds.

The LED display is simple and easy to control with a one-touch key. For a perfect cappuccino, it comes with an adjustable steam nozzle.

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Best Drip Coffee Maker: Cuisinart Brew Central Drip Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Brew is a 12-cup carafe stainless steel coffee maker, making it the favorite option for multiple-cup coffee making. The machine is reliable and easy to use thanks to its advanced features like; an adjustable temperature control, 24-hour programmable brew, automatic and adjustable shutoff, and an indicator light for a time to clean.

It looks beautiful with an ergonomic handle, knuckle guard, dripless spout, and a glass carafe. Some of these machine parts are machine washable making it more convenient. The machine has a measuring scoop, a paper starter kit, and a gold-tone filter.

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Best Customization Coffee Maker: Breville Precision Thermal Brewer

Breville precision brewer is a powerful coffee machine you can rely on to make a perfect cup of coffee. It comes with clear instructions, making it easy to control and operate. You can adjust the settings to get your desired flavor.

This machine's coffee quality is outstanding since you can set the temperatures, bloom time, and flow rate. Besides, it comes with an additional set of pour-over coffee drippers.

The downside is its initial setup, which is overwhelming since the gold standard needs a preset for every use. Also, it can accommodate a small volume of water, and it's tricky to clean the care lid.

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Best Coffee Maker with K-Cups: K Elite Coffee Maker

The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is a single-serve that utilizes a coffee pod, thus producing an unbeatable best Keurig coffee. This sleek appliance gives various settings, including brew strength adjustments, five drink sizes, and an iced coffee option. There is no need for a warm coffee since it can produce up to 8 drinks before the next brew using its 75-ounce reservoir.

Its brewing temperature is adjustable to between 187 and 192 degrees. You can dispense the hot water to make tea, instant soup, and oatmeal at these degrees. Its removable drip tray makes the space suitable for travel mugs over 7 inches tall. The machine has the capability of alerting when descaling is required.

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Best Coffee Maker: Oxo Brew Compact Coffee Maker

Oxo brew compact is a budget-friendly cold brew coffee maker with the qualities to outstand your local coffee shops. The simple gadget produces smooth and richly flavored drinks. The easy-to-operate machine is of two pieces: a plastic brewing container, a borosilicate glass carafe, and a permanent stainless steel mesh filter.

It can fit your counter and fridge well. In 12 to 24 hours, the rainmaker distributes water evenly over the coffee grounds, thus creating a low acid delicious coffee pot. Its carafe comes with a cork stopper for keeping your drink fresh for many days. Its storage is much simpler with two nest components.

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How To Choose the Best Coffee Maker

When selecting the best coffee maker, there are many factors to consider. That's because these products are designed differently, so their performance and maintenance tricks vary. Below are some factors you should consider when choosing the best coffee maker machine for home use. The factors listed are based on customer reviews of coffee connoisseurs. However, most brands focus on. The experts majored their argument on the durability, output, and last to the test of time. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best coffee maker; 

1. Style of the Coffee Maker Machine

Coffee makers are of different styles with different benefits and limitations. It includes traditional drip coffee makers, pod coffee makers, and manual coffee makers.

The traditional coffee maker is the most popular choice for brewing multiple servings simultaneously. If you are for one serving at a time, pod coffee makers suit you best. On the other hand, manual coffee makers give you control over your brew basket.  

2. The Capacity of the Coffee Maker Machine

Some coffee makers brew a cup at a time, a single-serve machine. This is a perfect choice for those living alone or with housemates with different coffee preferences. Also, coffee maker machines offer several serving sizes of up to 12 cups. Therefore, the number of cups your household can drink should be considered. More coffee drinkers in a family means you need a larger capacity machine.

Most coffee maker cups are estimated at 5 ounces, equivalent to an almost full old-fashioned teacup. Today most coffee mugs hold more than 8 ounces; thus, the 12-cup coffee maker can brew up to 7 cups. 

3. Brew Customization and Coffee Quality

If you have a specific taste you desire from the coffee you take, you will automatically look for a coffee maker that can customize your brew. Adjusting the brew strength guarantees the best cup of coffee you desire. Advanced coffee machines control brewing time, brew temperature, and coffee strength, giving your desired coffee taste.

A coffee maker of your choice should meet Specialty coffee association standards to produce a strong and full-bodied cup of coffee. Also, keep the standard coffee maker ratio of two tablespoons of ground coffee for a five-ounce cup. 

4. Temperature Features: Hot Plate Vs. Thermal Carafe

Different coffee makers come with various temperature settings to keep your drink at an ideal temperature. Some coffee machines come with an insulated stainless steel thermal carafe to keep coffee warm for a long time. Others use stay-warm coffee settings that utilize a hot place for consistent temperatures.

The decision between a thermal carafe coffee maker and a hot plate depends on if you require better flavor, energy efficiency, and a more affordable price. A carafe is a container or pot within the coffee maker machine that collects the coffee drips. 

Carafe models

Glass carafe

A glass carafe is a cheaper model of a carafe. The hot plate overheats coffee to extract extra oils, thus making it taste bitter. The hot plate must be kept on to make the coffee stay hot, increasing energy usage. 

Thermal carafe

Thermal carafes are of two types, the steel carafe and a gold standard thermal carafe. The steel thermal carafe operates at a brewing temperature of 195 to 205 degrees for 1 to 2 hours. It keeps the better flavor and saves energy even though it is more expensive. The gold standard thermal carafe is for brewing a delicious coffee drip. It is also costly but worth the taste.

The temperature features are beneficial as it enables you to come for a second and third cup of the same temperature. The major limitation of the carafes is that they have narrow openings that make the coffee machine challenging to clean. 

5. Ease of Cleaning the Coffee Maker

Many have underrated clean machines without necessarily considering their effects on coffee taste. One of the most critical factors in a coffee maker is how easy it is to clean. A clean coffee maker brews good-tasting coffee. 

6. Design and size

You need to have the space allocation for the coffee maker machine within your countertop. Be specific about the area between your countertop and the cabinet since most coffee makers do not fit under the cabinets. 

7. Style Of Filter Basket

Coffee maker machines have two styles of filter baskets; the cone shape and the flat bottom shape baskets. The form of the filter basket influences the style of the paper filer. Coffee lovers have it that the filter's shape impacts the taste of coffee it produces. In a real sense, the shape of the filter changes the water flow rate through the ground coffee, thus, causing a slight change in the extraction process.

Suppose you are for the floral, sweet, and bright fruity coffee beans; it's advisable to go for a coffee maker with a flat bottom basket. A cone filter better matches the darker and earthier coffee beans. If you are for both flavor and dark coffee, you can choose a coffee maker with both filters.

Types of Coffee Filters

Filters are of two types; paper and permanent filters.

The paper filters are disposable, and you will always require to replace them once it is used. On the other hand, permanent filters are environmentally friendly and do not require constant replacements. Although the permanent filters can stain, they do not require thorough washing. All in all, the type of filter also affects the taste of the coffee; therefore, you can choose the coffee maker that uses the kind of filter you like.

Programmable Coffee Makers

There are coffee makers programmable to time, heat, and more. If you are the kind of person who would wish coffee to happen or wake up to the smell of coffee, then the programmable coffee maker is your perfect fit. You can program the coffee machine to turn on and off or keep coffee hot for long before it shuts off.

Those who cannot work without coffee can also enjoy its ability to pause in the middle of the brew. You may need coffee ASAP, and this program allows you to steal a cup before it finishes. On the other hand, it helps to switch off the coffee machine if, in any case, you forgot to switch it off.

Even though most coffee makers are programmed to help you meet your schedules, some brew quickly and do not require the programming feature; therefore, you need to be sure if you need this feature or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Makers

What is the #1 coffee maker?

Based on the customer's reviews, coffee shop votes, and the SCAA analysis, the number one coffee maker is Technivorm Moccamaster. Even though it is more expensive than the average coffee maker, its value is worth it. Its thermal carafe will always keep your coffee delicious and hot. It comes with the longest warranty of up to 5 years, thus an assurance of durability. 

How easy is it to clean a coffee maker?

Cleaning a coffee maker is an unavoidable chore as long as it uses ground coffee to brew. Even when emptying the drip tray and coffee grounds, it is automatic that you will have to clean the jug and milk wand. Regular cleaning is also required to avoid problems caused by hard water.

A periodic deep clean is required, excluding the regular removal of external dirt, dust, and stains. The water heating system should also be taken care of regularly. Most manufacturers guide how to clean their coffee machines, whereas others do not specify their cleaning procedures.

How long do coffee makers last?

Coffee makers can last for years if cared for properly. Most coffee makers come with a warranty of from 1 to 5 years. The warranty, in most cases, covers the manufacturing defects, not the item misuse and normal wear and tear. Therefore the long a coffee maker can last does not necessarily depend on the warranty length but on the care you give.

Bottom line

Majorly with the coffee makers, you will always get what you pay for. Therefore if coffee is part of you, you need to invest in the best coffee maker. The above article provides you with the best coffee maker machines for 2022 that you will surely love to use and invest in.

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