13 Most Popular Dunkin' Iced Coffees: Ranked From Best To Worst

8 min read OCT 15, 2023

Lifeboost takes pride in offering coffee enthusiasts quality, health conscious and organic coffee choices. We truly understand the intricacies of flavors and the significance of the health benefits they bring. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each cup we serve reflects this commitment. However we also recognize the role played by prominent coffee brands, in the industry and their impact on the American coffee culture.

Let's take Dunkin' Donuts as an example—a brand that has been a staple part of breakfast tradition since 1950. In September 2018 they underwent a rebranding adopting the name''Dunkin'' to reflect a shift towards being more beverage focused than solely donut centric. Following this rebranding Dunkin' streamlined their menu by introducing a range of Nitro Coffee and Cold Brew options. As a result they now stand proudly among the three largest coffee companies globally just behind Starbucks.

What about Dunkin' Coffee? Can they customize your drink like Starbucks does? Does their selection cater to the preferences of coffee aficionados? The answer is undoubtedly a YES.

While we consistently champion Lifeboosts commitment to offering organic coffee we understand that there are times when a quick visit to Dunkin' might be tempting. If you happen to be at Dunkin' and can't decide which iced coffee to choose, don't worry. We've got you covered. Below is a list of the 13 popular Dunkin' iced coffees ranked from best to worst. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try something we've also put together a selection of affordable, healthier and tasty alternatives just for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Dunkin' Iced Coffees

  • You'll find four kinds of cold coffee drinks on every Dunkin' menu- Frozen Coffee, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, and Iced Latte.
  • Dunkin' uses 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced and roasted in-house.
  • The company serves over 3 million customers each day.
  • Dunkin' brews a fresh pot of coffee every 18 minutes. You'll never get a stale or burnt cup of coffee here.
  • You can order any coffee drink decaf upon request.
  • You can enjoy Dunkin' iced coffee at home with their products such as bottled iced coffee, Cold Brew Coffee Packs, and K-cups.
  • Dunkin' offers their iced coffee drinks in three sizes: large (32 ounces), medium (24 ounces), and small (12 ounces).
  • You can create unique drinks by combining different flavors and syrups. Flavoring your Dunkin' coffee is free of charge.
  • Dunkin' offers six milk options- whole milk, coconut milk, skim milk, almond milk, oat milk, and cream. All these milk options are available for iced coffee. As for frozen coffee drinks, you can opt for cream, skim milk, or whole milk.

What Are Dunkin' Coffee Flavors?

At Dunkin', you'll find coffee flavors in the form of swirls. Some of the most popular flavors include:

  • Mocha Swirl
  • Caramel Swirl
  • Hazelnut Swirl
  • French Vanilla Swirl
  • Butter Pecan Swirl
  • Cookie Dough Swirl
  • Toasted Almond Swirl
  • Smoked Vanilla

13 Best Iced & Frozen Dunkin’ Coffees: Ranked

All nutritional information below is as per a medium-sized Dunkin' cup.

Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Milk, Water, Butter Pecan Swirl Syrup, Coffee Swirl Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, Caramel Swirl Syrup, Whipped Light Cream, Ice

Calories: 720

Caffeine: 295mg

Sugar: 142g

When you see the word "frozen" on a Dunkin's cold coffee menu, just know that it will be calorie dense and super sweet. Likewise, with 720 calories and 142 grams of sugar in a decent medium-sized cup, Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee is best reserved for the weekends.

For sweet-tooth coffee drinkers like us, this one was our favorite for its overall taste and smoothness. It's a decadent coffee slushie packed with butter pecan flavors.

Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Ice

Calories: 5

Caffeine: 297mg

Sugar: 0g

Starbucks patrons don't come at us, but we're going to say it- iced coffee from Dunkin' might probably be better than Starbucks'. At least for us! Their brewed coffee tasted more roasted than bitter. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the flavor nuances in every sip. You can enjoy it either black or with milk.

French Vanilla Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Water, Milk, Caramel Swirl Syrup, Coffee Swirl Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, French Vanilla Swirl Syrup, Whipped Light Cream, Ice

Calories: 680

Caffeine: 295mg

Sugar: 132g

For our third place, we have one of the most popular coffee flavors in the world, French Vanilla. Dunkin's French Vanilla Frozen coffee tastes like vanilla ice cream infused with a latte.

If 295mg of caffeine is too much for you, try the French Vanilla Decaf option from Lifeboost. You can brew it, add the required ingredients as mentioned in the list and replicate Dunkin’s French Vanilla Frozen coffee at home!

Hazelnut Swirl Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Water, Milk, Caramel Swirl Syrup, Whipped Light Cream, Hazelnut Swirl Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, Coffee Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 680

Caffeine: 295 mg

Sugar: 132g

Compared to Dunkin's Hazelnut Swirl Iced Coffee (reviewed below), we found their frozen version better with a more balanced flavor. The bitterness was cut down here, probably because of the extra syrups. It tastes like sippable Nutella in a cup.

Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Water, Milk, Coffee Swirl Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, Ice

Calories: 410

Caffeine: 295mg

Sugar: 84g

Dunkin's Frozen Coffee is like a thin slushie that's super smooth on the tongue. Again, it's super sweet. So, if you're not ready for a sugar explosion in your mouth, you're better off with other drinks on this list.

Butter Pecan Swirl Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Butter Pecan Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 170

Caffeine: 267mg

Sugar: 36g

You can really taste the butter pecan-flavored syrup in this drink. It has a nice, caramelized flavor, somewhat like toasted nuts and burnt sugar. Nothing is overly sweet here, so you might enjoy the drink even if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Caramel Swirl Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Water, Milk, Coffee Swirl Syrup, Whipped Light Cream, Liquid Cane Sugar, Caramel Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 680

Caffeine: 295mg

Sugar: 134g

Containing a whopping 134 grams of sugar in a medium, the Caramel Swirl Frozen Coffee is one of the sweetest drinks on a Dunkin' menu. If you like coffee that tastes like dessert, this one's for you.

French Vanilla Swirl Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, French Vanilla Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 170

Caffeine: 267mg

Sugar: 37g

If you enjoy Vanilla flavored coffees but without all the excess sugary sweetness, you can try Dunkin's French Vanilla Swirl Iced Coffee. Compared to the Frozen version, this tastes less sweet and more refreshing.

Hazelnut Swirl Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Hazelnut Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 170

Caffeine: 267mg

Sugar: 37g

On its own, the Hazelnut Swirl Iced Coffee tasted slightly watered down. We customized ours with a splash of almond milk. This time it tasted much better. The almond milk complemented the nutty hazelnut flavor well.
For a quick fix, use Lifeboost Hazelnut Coffee Pods!

Cold Brew

Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee, Ice

Calories: 5

Caffeine: 260mg

Sugar: 0

Personally, we didn't enjoy the Cold Brew from Dunkin'. Perhaps it's because we gravitate more toward sweet coffee drinks. But if you're an espresso lover, you'll enjoy this drink's strong and intense flavors. For a sweeter and smoother drink, you can try their Cold Brew with Caramel Cold Foam.

Healthier Alternative: For people who find the Dunkin’ Cold Brew a little too harsh or acidic can try the Cold Brew Packs from Lifeboost instead. These packs are crafted from coffee beans sourced from the top 2% of the world's supply, ensuring an exceptionally delicious and premium taste that's both refreshing and less acidic.

Mocha Swirl Frozen Coffee

Ingredients: Water, Milk, Whipped Light Cream, Mocha Swirl Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, Ice

Calories: 670

Caffeine: 324mg

Sugar: 129mg

For a drink that has "mocha" in its name, you expect nothing short of a chocolaty outburst. But it is not so with this drink. The drink was sure sweet, but we didn't get any of the mocha flavors.

Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Caramel Swirl Syrup, Ice

Calories: 170

Caffeine: 267mg

Sugar: 38g

The caramel flavor is very strong here and masks the taste of coffee. However, instead of the beautiful toasty flavor of caramel, what we experienced was extremely buttery and artificial.

Mocha Swirl Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Ice, Mocha Swirl Syrup

Calories: 160

Caffeine: 285mg

Sugar: 34g

Unfortunately, Dunkin's Mocha Swirl Iced Coffee secures the last spot, probably because we had very high expectations from this one. Anything with coffee and chocolate is supposed to taste intense, chocolaty, and indulgent. But this drink tasted very bitter and unbalanced, and there was hardly any mocha flavor.

How To Order Iced Coffee At Dunkin'?

Here are some tips for ordering Iced Coffee like a pro at Dunkin':

  • You can top off any frozen coffee drink with a swirl of whipped cream. Just make sure to mention it while ordering.
  • This is how coffee is usually made at Dunkin': first goes in the flavor shot, then iced or frozen coffee. Hence, most of the time, the flavor syrup sits at the bottom of the cup. This is what we experienced in our Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee order. The solution? Just give your drink a quick mix with the straw and enjoy.
  • All frozen coffee drinks are sweetened. There isn't an option to opt for sugar-free or unsweetened frozen drinks. That's because the syrups that go into a frozen drink come pre-sweetened.
  • You'll find drinks tagged as "sweetened" or "unsweetened" on the Dunkin' menu. This makes it easier when placing your order. Hazelnut-flavored drinks are the only ones that are available as sweetened or unsweetened.


Do Dunkin' Iced Coffees contain sugar?

Yes, Dunkin' iced coffees contain sugar. However, what kind of sugar goes into the drink may vary between locations. While some drinks use liquid sugar, others contain granulated sugar.

How much does coffee cost at Dunkin'?

Dunkin' coffees are priced between $2 and $3. Frozen drinks are more expensive than iced coffees. The best part? You can add any flavor to your coffee free of cost.

What's the sweetest iced coffee at Dunkin?

The sweetest iced coffee at Dunkin' is Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee. It sure tastes sweet, but the caramel flavor doesn't taste nice. On the other hand, Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee delivers both sweetness and overall taste.

What kind of coffee does Dunkin' use for making their iced coffee?

Dunkin' uses its signature Dunkin' Original Blend Iced Coffee for making its iced coffee drinks.

What are some good iced coffees from Dunkin'?

Some of the best-iced coffees from Dunkin' are Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee, the classic Iced Coffee, and French Vanilla Frozen Coffee.

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Fantastic article! As someone who drinks coffee now and then, I can say there are some differences in taste and price, but I like them all. And the fact that Dunkin Donuts is 21 years older than Starbucks? Mind-blowing! By the way, I saw another blog about this, you might like it.