100+ Most Hilarious And Best Coffee Puns Of 2023

8 min read SEP 12, 2023

Puns are the essence of every good (and terrible) dad joke. So are they in the world of coffee. Seriously, coffee puns are hilarious, and trust us, even people who roll their eyes at one secretly think they’re witty. As for die-hard coffee fans, nothing amuses them more than someone who can brew funny coffee one-liners and jokes. See what we did there?

So, do you also want to be the life of the party at your next coffee gathering? With these 100+ hilarious coffee puns, you sure can. You’ll have people rolling on the floor left and right.

Besides, coffee puns are great icebreakers too. Suppose you’re on a blind date over a cup of coffee. What better way than a coffee joke to lighten the mood and spark conversations? Coffee puns become all the more useful if you’re a coffee shop owner. You can use these quirky lines on the menu and coffee mugs or hang them on the wall to impress your customers.

Anyway, let’s not waste a latte time now and dive straight into the list of some of our most favorite and hilarious coffee puns of all time.

Best Coffee Puns About Relationships

Whether you’re writing a sweet text to a crush or searching for some cheesy one-liners to make your partner smile, the following puns should do the trick. These puns about love and romance are also great for texting someone you’re just starting to know. With these, you can espresso how much you like them without coming off too serious.

  • You’re steaming hot.
  • My heart beats faster because of brew
  • Let’s mocha love!
  • If you need friends, you should join the frappe-turnity.
  • You’re so cute-tea
  • You’re always brew-tiful
  • I bean so weak whenever I see your face
  • You and I are meant to bean.
  • I want to espresso my love for you.
  • Your eyes are bright brew.
  • I want to cream to the world, how much I love brew.
  • We are a perfect blend.
  • You are mug-nificient!
  • I love you ve-latte much.
  • I am addicted to brew
  • Words are not enough to espresso my feelings for you
  • You mocha me crazy.
  • I love you because you keep me grounded.
  • I love brew.
  • Your face lits up every time you are frappé.
  • I want to share my coffee-lings with you
  • You are so sweet.
  • You stole mocha heart.
  • My love for you is strong and pure.
  • You perk up my heart.
  • You are very espresso-l for me

Best Coffee Puns About Parents

How about bonding over coffee with your mom and dad? In many households, mornings start with a freshly brewed cup of coffee at the breakfast table. Make your next coffee rendezvous with your parents memorable by throwing one of these witty coffee puns:

  • Why did Mom call the police? Because she was mugged!
  • Affogato to tell you something: You’re the best parents of all.
  • A dad should always remind his daughter that she’s brewtiful.
  • When Mom touches dad’s coffee, it becomes MILD.
  • Thank you creamy much for your love and support.
  • You will be grounded if you ever touch your dad’s coffee.
  • I saw mom and dad arguing the other day. It was a very heated debate.
  • Who forgot to clean the coffee maker? Come on, spill the beans.
  • Dad likes his iced coffee like he likes the thermostat: COLD.

Best Coffee Puns About Emotions

Our category of coffee puns about emotions has all sorts of wordplay for friends, colleagues, lovers, or even strangers. Whether you want to stir up a hilarious conversation, perk up a friend, make a loved one smile, or simply show your comical side, these funny coffee puns will help you do just that.

  • You mocha me happy!
  • Hands up! You’re under a-roast.
  • I am frappé if I am with you.
  • I’ve got a latte problems.
  • I am mug-nificient!
  • Thank you for bean a friend!
  • My friends are espresso-l.
  • mugs and kisses
  • Bean there, done that!
  • You look fa-brew-lous today!
  • Thank you a latte
  • Better latte than sorry!
  • What’s up, brew?
  • Bottomless thanks

Best Coffee Puns About Broken Hearts

At some point in life, all of us experience some kind of heartache. Be it from a relationship break-up, divorce, or friendship issues; a broken heart is always painful. Having said that, sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. So, the next time you or a loved one is going through a heartache, use one of these puns to release the pain.

  • He came to a bitter end.
  • I’m so sad. Can you mug me?
  • Sometimes, you need to pretend that you are frappé.
  • Words Cannot Espresso How Much You Mean To Me.
  • I wish it is easy to affogato the pain.
  • Divorce is much like espresso: expensive and bitter.
  • He told her it was over. It was pretty brew-tal.
  • I am depresso when you’re gone.
  • I had bean-ough of this pain.
  • Pain made you bitter.
  • My knees fall on the ground when you leave me.

Best Coffee Puns About Workplace

Besides crunching the numbers and working round the clock, the workplace can be a great place to form friendships. Having work friends and chit-chatting during coffee breaks can help you release tension and reduce burnout. If you’re looking for some great icebreakers or conversation starters that are light and hilarious but also apt for the workplace, check these out:

  • Discussions between two coffee lovers can quickly turn into a strong and heated debate.
  • On my way to work my car got a flat white.
  • One of my biggest weaknesses is procaffeinating, I never deliver my projects on time.
  • I have a latte great experience for the job.
  • There was a really bad storm brewing. So, I couldn’t get my coffee on my way to work.
  • Are you tea-lling me I can have the job?
  • Being a barista is really difficult, but I feel like I’m giving it my best shot.
  • Someone stole my coffee cup from the office today, so I’m on my way to the police station to look at some mug shots.

Best Coffee Puns About Humor

Humor and puns go hand in hand. You’ll find tons of humorous coffee puns on the internet. Below, we have listed a few of our favorites:

  • You are bitter because you don’t have a frappé lovelife.
  • Guess your child’s no.1 sugar in nursery school: Raw raw raw your boat.
  • Rise and grind!
  • Alright everyone, kettle down: it’s coffee time!
  • Don’t mind me, I’m just caffeine by.
  • I’ve visited every single coffee shop in the city. Bean there, done that.
  • Why are you crying? Because I have a latte of problems!
  • Stop brew-rating me.
  • How do cup-le kiss each other? French kiss.
  • I’m so ill. I’ve been coffee and sneezing all morning.
  • Why can’t you have a good lovelife? Because you don’t know how to espresso.
  • Bullies who drink coffee are mean beans.
  • My coffee’s running late. It’s alway pressed for time.
  • I got so drunk last night, I brew up.

Best Coffee Puns About Music

Are you a musician who loves coffee? Or a coffee enthusiast whose mornings start by listening to some upbeat tunes? No matter which group you belong to, these music-related coffee puns will have you ROFL.

  • What’s the best song of Taylor Swift? Look what you Mocha do.
  • Taylor Sweet
  • Watch me cream. Watch me nae nae.
  • I wanna lay you down on the bed of roast-ses.
  • Shawn Blend-des
  • I like big mugs and I cannot lie.
  • What is the most controversial song of Blackpink? Love-drip Girls.
  • You mocha me espresso-l.
  • Lady Gava
  • Why you gotta be so brewed.
  • Sip me baby one more time.
  • Ariana Ground-de
  • It’s the love shot.
  • The Red Hot Coffee Peppers.
  • All I Want For Christmas is Brew.
  • You treat me like a roast.
  • Justine Be-brew
  • My coffee amour, milky little cup that I adore.
  • Roast-anne Park
  • In your mild-est dream

Best Coffee Puns About Novel

We haven’t left out the literature nerds too. For our category of the best coffee puns about novels, you’ll find some interesting and clever wordplays on some classics written by the greatest novelists.

  • A Christmas Ca-roast by Charles Dicken
  • Moby Drip by Herman Melville
  • Brave Brew World by Aldous Huxley
  • David Coffeefield by Charles Dicken
  • Midripmarch by George Eliot

Best Coffee Puns About Coffee Shop Names

Coffee shop owners are very clever when it comes to naming their stores and cafés. You’ll find some of the most hilarious sign boards and pavement signs. Here are a few of the best coffee puns about coffee shop names:

  • Brew HaHa!
  • Latte Da
  • Central Perk (must’ve heard of this in FRIENDS).
  • Bean There, Drank That
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • The Family Bean
  • Beany Business
  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
  • Deja Brew
  • Love You a Latte
  • Solid Ground Cafe

Best Coffee Puns About Movies And Tv Shows

After going through this list, you won’t be able to help but chuckle a little every time that particular movie pops up on your screen.

  • The Call of the Mild
  • Justice League: The New Doppio
  • Twin Perks
  • Black-trace
  • V for Vienna-tta
  • Bean-occhio.
  • There’s Something about Mocha
  • Cup-tain America: Civil War
  • My favorite Disney film is A Mug’s Life.
  • Friday Night Lattes
  • Coffee, the Vampire Slayer
  • The Polar Espresso.
  • Guardians of the Galão-xy

The Cutest Coffee Puns

Finally, let’s end our collection of coffee puns on a sweet note. Here are some of the cutest coffee puns and quips that you can use in different scenarios. They’re short, light-hearted, and rib-tickling.

  • I love you a latte.
  • Brew-ston, we have a problem.
  • Don’t mocha me laugh
  • Thanks a latte.
  • This news is hot off the French Presses.
  • We’ve run a ground!
  • It’s raining and pour over-ing.
  • You’re brew-tiful.
  • Don’t worry, be frappe.
  • My star sign is Cup-ricorn.
  • I can’t espresso how much I like you.
  • Livin’ la vida mocha
  • Where have you been all my life?
  • Java nice day


What do you call coffee lovers?

There are several names for coffee lovers such as coffee addict, coffeeholic, coffee aficionado, or coffee connoisseur.

What is a pun?

Also known as paronomasia, a pun is a form of wordplay. In simple words, it uses one or more words usually in a humorous way that has several meanings. For example, Thanks a latte. Here the word “latte” refers to the coffee drink as well as “lot.”

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