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Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle
Laurie in OC, California
Love Chocolate

This flavor is delicious. A toned down version of chocolate. I really am enjoying this coffee. So smooth, no bitterness.

Double Dark Mocha
Jack Killough

But even better is my new favorite, Highland Grog!

The smooth coffee

No acid, so smooth you do not ned any creamer

French Vanilla
Brooke Shults

French Vanilla

Lifeboost Africa
Dewees Deibert
AFrica dark

Excellent brew, I do so enjoy it!!!

Maple Cinnamon French Toast

Coconut Lovers
Tonna Hobbs

I absolutely love the dark chocolate/toasted coconut coffee. I look forward to it every day. It is delicious and with life boost coffee I don’t have the digestive issues I had with other coffees Thank you.

Vanilla Almond
Sandra Velia

Vanilla Almond

Hazelnut Coffee Pods
Alycia Wertman

I'm a big fan of the hazelnut pods. I just add a little cream and I'm good to go. I typically add a splash of flavor to regular pods, but these don't need it!

Grata Medium Roast
Linda Henderson

We love this coffee. My husband had bad acid reflux and I finally got him to drinking my coffee and no more reflux !!

Pumpkin Spice
Brittany Goff
Tastes like coconut

I was excited to try this flavor but my bag smells and tastes like coconut. I don’t get any pumpkin spice flavor unfortunately.

I've been ordering the medium roast beans and the espresso beans for quite some time. I have also gotten the decaf beans. All have been fantastic! I feel a lot better drinking this coffee, no acidy feeling or jitters. I'm on subscription and plan to continue.

Dark Roast Decaf
Sparrow Marcioni

Best decaf I’ve ever had. I will continue to order it. The halfcaf is very good as well

Theresa George
My favorite

Because I love raspberry and blueberry, this is my favorite flavor. And I love the aroma.

Blonde Espresso
Cris Higginbotham
Best Ever

My morning Latte would not be the same with any other coffee!

Medium Roast Decaf
Valjene Kramer

Medium Roast Decaf

1x Highlander Grogg
Wayne Tedrow
Subtle rich flavor

Typically I'm not a fan of flavored coffee. The Highlander Grogg however, is in a category all its own. The flavor is boldly smooth and velvety, with a choco bouquet that you can taste as soon as you bring the cup close. It feels very bougie having a cup of this exquisite blend of flavors and top shelf coffee to start the weekend.

Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Flavor

This is good as a coffee but if you’re seeking a true pumpkin spice flavor this is a bit bland.

Thank you for trying a new flavor! It's always great to say you at least tried since we have so many to choose from! Coffee is a wonderful thing but can be so different for everyone's taste preference. Always remember to reach out to support to take advantage of that 30 day guarantee anytime you are not fully satisfied!

Espresso beans

Kind of new to espresso but your beans make a delicious one. Nice crema!

So happy you are enjoying the Espresso roast Rosseye!

Pumpkin Spice
Brenda Shelhart
pumpkin spice

I am in love with pumpkin spice especially around Fall.

Thanks for the review, Brenda! We're so glad you're enjoying the pumpkin spice flavor! ;)

Great coffee

This is another great coffee; smooth & rich; however, I would love a little more flavor, but it’s still worth a try!

Thank you for the review, Linda! We're glad you enjoyed the mint cookies and cream! We do take all suggestions into consideration! :)

Dark Roast Decaf
Nancy Garner

Its delicious

Thank you for your kind words, Nancy! We're glad you enjoy our Dark Roast Decaf! :)

Double Dark Mocha
Heidi Wood
Great flavor

It is smooth and tastes good. It’s fresh and good!

Vanilla Almond
Kelly Dalgety
This flavor is delicious!

Tastes like marzipan - absolutely the yummiest flavored coffee we’ve ever tried! Smooth and not acidic, just like the other Lifeboost coffees.

Thank you for your review, Kelly! We're so glad you like the flavor of the Vanilla Almond coffee! :)

Very good nice a smooth I even drink it with now creamer

Thank you for your review, Judy! We're glad you enjoying the Midnight Blueberry Mocha and find it to be smooth and tasty! ;)