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Using Sustainable Farming & Protecting Our Wildlife

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Helping You Choose A Cleaner Coffee Bean...

2% of the coffee in the world meets our standards for purity. All of our fresh roasted coffee meets the highest quality criteria using our TrustPure process.





Lifeboost Airscape Coffee Container - Lifeboost Coffee
Lifeboost Airscape Coffee Container
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Copper Lifeboost Coffee Scoops - Lifeboost Coffee
Copper Lifeboost Coffee Scoops
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Shine Kitchen Co.® Autopour Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine - Lifeboost Coffee
Shine Kitchen Co.® Autopour Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine
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Soyabella® Automatic Nut & Seed Milk Maker - Lifeboost Coffee
Soyabella® Automatic Nut & Seed Milk Maker
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Tribest Glass Electric Brewing System - Lifeboost Coffee
Tribest Glass Electric Brewing System
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Espressione Concierge - Lifeboost Coffee
Espressione Concierge
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Conical Burr Coffee Grinder - Lifeboost Coffee
Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
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EverLo Alkaline Filtration Pitcher - Lifeboost Coffee
EverLo Alkaline Filtration Pitcher
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Milk Boss Frother - Lifeboost Coffee
Milk Boss Frother
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Why Lifeboost?

It's Ritual. Something we look forward to and drink daily.
Why not be sure you're putting a clean source into your body?

Fresh &

Fresh roasted when you order, lab tested to be heavy metal-free, pesticide-free and mycotoxin-free


Lifeboost coffee is naturally low-acid artisan roasted in small batches to bring out the richest flavor, and is easy on your stomach.


We currently ship to addresses in the US and Canada. Check back soon for more!

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