Healthy Caramel Iced Coffee

3 min read AUG 11, 2022

Caramel iced coffee is a fan favorite, so we’re offering you a healthy caramel iced coffee as an alternative.

Traditional caramel iced coffee isn’t the healthiest, as it contains heaps of sugar and fat. This is thanks to the sugary syrups and whipped cream used in the drink.

We take you through how to make a lower-calorie, healthier version of the drink.

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What Makes the Drink Healthy?

Healthy caramel iced coffee uses ingredient substitutions that are better for you, similar to the healthy vanilla latte

This brings down the overall calorie content of your drink and specific nutritional values that aren’t so good for you. Examples of these include sugar and fat content.

healthy iced caramel coffee

There are a few variations of healthy caramel iced coffee. The ingredient substitutions depend on your preferences. 

Caramel syrup can be replaced by sugar-free caramel syrup, honey, or sweetener. A variety of plant-based kinds of milk can substitute full-cream milk. 

Some people also increase the ice content of their drink to decrease the amount of milk needed. This reduces how many calories are in the drink.

Is It Cheaper Than the Regular Version?

Absolutely. Coffee shops make a markup on their drinks to stay in business. This means it’s cheaper to make your own version of the drink at home. 

There are added benefits to making the drink at home, other than spending less overall on ingredients. 

If you make a pot of coffee to use for your iced coffee, you can keep the leftovers for your next cup of homemade iced coffee.

What’s the Nutritional Value of the Healthy Caramel Iced Coffee?

The nutritional value of your drink depends on the exact ingredients you choose to use. For example, if you use oat milk, your drink will be higher in calories and carbohydrates than if you use almond milk. 

Below is a rough guide to the nutritional values of a healthy caramel iced coffee. This is based on using sugar-free syrup, filling your glass with ice, and topping it off with almond milk.

  • Calories: 50
  • Carbohydrates: 4.5g
  • Sugar: 4.5g
  • Fat: 1.7g

This can change if you use more milk or syrup in your drink. For an exact guide, refer to the nutritional value on the packaging of your ingredients. 

healthy caramel iced coffee drink


Let’s go over how to make coffee healthy and taste good! 

Making low-calorie coffee drinks at home is super simple. You can use coffee in whatever form you prefer, whether that be cold-brew, drip coffee, or French-pressed coffee.

We’re going to use a healthy cold brew method, along with some sugar-free caramel syrup, and ice.


  • Cup of ice
  • Ground up coffee beans (we highly recommend these dark roast beans for a full-bodied taste)
  • Two tablespoons of Sugar-free caramel syrup of your choice
  • One-third of a cup of unsweetened almond milk

healthiest caramel iced coffee


You’ll need to start by making your healthy cold brew. This needs to be done 24 hours in advance. The good news is that you can make enough for a few iced coffees at a time, so this only needs to be done once in a while.

You can use a French Press for this step. Put your desired amount of coffee into the bottom, and fill it with cold water. 

Allow it to steep overnight. Press the filter down in the morning. Decant your coffee into an airtight container so that you can store the excess in your fridge.

Now you can put your drink together.

Start by adding the ice to your cup. Next, Fill it three-quarters of the way full with your cold brew.

Top it off with almond milk. End off with some drizzles of sugar-free caramel syrup for that coffee shop feel. 

is caramel iced coffee healthy

Keeping Cool

Iced coffees are a great way to keep cool in the summertime! 

We’re sure you don’t want to drink only caramel iced coffees though. Have a look at our take on the low-sugar chai tea latte to spice things up a bit.

It’s also a great option because you can make the coffee in batches. This means you can keep it in your fridge, and quickly assemble a healthy drink in a few minutes. 

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