Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato

4 min read JUN 14, 2022

We all know there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee to kickstart the day. As the coffee industry has kept expanding, it’s grown to accommodate everyone's taste preferences.

For those looking to experience a new, fragrant, and flavorful cup of joe, the cinnamon cloud macchiato is the one for you.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to make and enjoy this delicious cup of coffee.

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The Classic Macchiato

iced cinnamon cloud macchiato

The macchiato is a fairly new cup of coffee to the coffee world. Where most popular forms of coffee have been around for at least a hundred years, the macchiato was only invented sometime around the 1960s.

Macchiato is roughly translated, is the italian word for stained. This term is due to to the espresso shot being poured over the steamed milk ‘staining’ it.

The steamed milk provides a slightly  sweet  undertone in the coffee that cuts through the bitter notes of the strong espresso.

The Cloud Macchiato

cinnamon cloud macchiato recipe

A cloud macchiato is a smooth, sweet, and creamy coffee alternative to the regular macchiato.

It’s perfect for coffee drinkers who don’t like the astringency of straight espresso or even those who find the diluted taste of a macchiato too much.

The creamy, smooth texture comes from the warm meringue froth. Meringue froth is made from steamed milk and egg whites, giving it its cloud-like appearance.

Cinnamon and Coffee

Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato

You wouldn't think it, but coffee and cinnamon are a match made in heaven.

The cinnamon adds a hint of spice and depth to the macchiato that pairs beautifully with the rich espresso.

Vegan Variants

There are a few vegan options available that are just as delicious as the original.

The cinnamon almond milk macchiato is an amazing option for the growing vegan community

Using steamed almond milk instead of meringue froth results in a lovely nutty taste paired with the spice of the cinnamon.

iced cinnamon cloud macchiato recipe

An almond milk macchiato is high in protein and is perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative

Another vegan option is the coconut milk macchiato which is a slightly sweeter option.

Stronger Options

If you’re looking for an extra kick in your cinnamon cloud macchiato you can always add an extra shot of espresso to beef up the caffeine content.

This, in classic terms, is a double espresso macchiato. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the stronger depth of coffee or if you’re burning the midnight oil.

Flavor Variety

There is an array of flavored coffee beans available from Lifeboost Coffee. 

Flavours range from cinnamon to vanilla to hazelnut, these flavours meet almost all drinkers tastbuds. Some of these flavours can even be enjoyed after a meal as a dessert.

recipe of iced cinnamon cloud macchiato recipe

We’ve got some of the best-tasting, healthiest coffee beans around, ranging from creme brulee to frosted cinnamon roll.

How to Make a Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato

Although we all enjoy a hot coffee being made for us in a cafe or restaurant, it’s easy to make these extravagant cups of coffee at home.

To make a cinnamon cloud macchiato all you need is cinnamon quills or cinnamon flavoured beans, egg whites, steamed milk, and a shot of esrpesso. Simply follow a basic espresso macchiato recipe to get you started, and you’re half-way there.

Pour the hot espresso shot over the maringue milk and add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top if you arent using flavoured beans. 

The Tasting Experience

There is nothing better than that first whiff of coffee in the morning.

The cinnamon cloud macchiato has a fragrant coffee aroma with hints of cinnamon that round out the aroma. The sweetness of the meringue froth pairs well with the richness and spiciness of the cinnamon.

The meringue foam differs from regular steamed milk as it is much thicker and creamier, you it has a richer mouthfeel.

how to make  a cinnamon cloud macchiato

Recommended Beans

There are so many coffee beans available.

Our flavored coffee bean selection is perfect for a macchiato but a lighter option is the light roasted coffee beans variety.

Light-roasted beans are not as strong as normal espresso, making them an ideal flavor pairing for this drink.

It’s the perfect blend for those who enjoy a more diluted coffee taste.

The cinnamon adds a depth of flavor to the lightly roasted beans.


In general, the classic macchiato is a delicious treat suitable for people who are used to drinking strong coffee.

Adding meringue froth and cinnamon adds a new dimension to this cup of coffee that makes it appealing to a wider audience.

The cinnamon paired with the rich espresso is a great way to wake up your mind and body in the morning.

It has even been recommended as a dessert as it cleanses the pallet after a heavy meal.

This is a must-try coffee and is perfect for any coffee enthusiast looking to spice up their day.

If you feel like enjoying it at home you are more than capable of making and enjoying it. We’ve got plenty of other insightful blogs, including the recipe to our favorite hazelnut macchiato to keep you coffee-crazed for weeks.

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