Clean, Low Acid Coffee For Your Health

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Single-origin, shade-grown, perfectly selected low acid specialty coffee beans are precisely roasted and then perfectly paired with natural extracts of smooth vanilla and rich, caramelized sugars. A combination that can only be described as sophisticated elegance.

Pure decadence and sheer delight with every sip is what you can expect with flavors so rich, bold, smooth, and creamy.

Get The Best Single Origin Coffee Beans In A Crème Brûlée Coffee Flavor! Act Now As We Have A VERY Limited Supply

  • Medium Roast Coffee Beans
    (Specialty Arabica Beans)

  • Single Origin From
    Small Farms
    In A
    Nationally Protected Area

  • Shade And Elevation Grown
    (Slow Grown In The Mountains Of Nicaragua For Optimal Flavor And Low Acidity)

  • Fairly Traded (Our Coffee Farmers Are Paid A Fair Wage)

Real Crème Brûlée
Coffee Natural Extracts

  • Derived Only From Their Natural Sources And Ingredients.
  • Zero Added Sugar.
  • Zero Added Calories.
  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Essential Oil Extracts.
  • Natural Oil Based Extracts Versus Artificial/Chemical Extracts

Crème Brûlée Coffee

Warm, flame induced bubbles form as the sugar crystals caramelize over the decadent dessert. The contrasts of cool and creamy custard with warm glaze-like sugars melt together perfectly in my mouth with a sip of freshly brewed, bold coffee.

Ahhh, my husband knows the key to my heart is through fine foods, rich coffee, and romantic memory.

The night he proposed, he took me to a fine restaurant. And, this country girl felt so out of place.

Elegance and sophistication were foreign concepts to a farm girl. But, this city slicker man of mine knew how to make me feel right at home in even the most nervous (to me) venues.

I suppose it’s true what they say, “opposites do attract.”

He never took his eyes off of me that night. We dined. We danced. And...he proposed.

I, of course, said yes. And, we celebrated with a dessert I’d never even heard of prior to that evening: Crème Brûlée.

The waiter came with the custard-like dessert, and you should’ve seen my expression when he lit it on fire!

My new fiance smiled a soft, endearing smile, slid closer to my side, and we then shared what I soon realized was the finest culinary creation I’d ever known.

He insisted on having a white wine, while I watched the server pour a fresh, piping hot cup of coffee for me.

We shared bites of bliss, newly engaged, full of love, hope, and ambition.

Now, we’ve been married 35 years.

We still live in the country. He drives to the city for work, and I maintain my family’s farmhouse.

And, though this farmgirl still isn’t at home in the city, each year on the anniversaries of both our engagement and our wedding, we travel “uptown” amidst the bright lights and bustle of people.

In celebration of years together and fond romantic memory, we enjoy a bit of added elegance to our simple life, a biannual tradition of fine dining, cheek to cheek dancing, and my favorite dessert: smooth yet bold coffee, and rich, creamy vanilla custard nestled underneath a slightly hardened caramel-like sweetness.

“Drink Coffee and Save the Planet”

A portion of the profits are donated to Rainforest Trust and Project Alianza for conservation of the wild life and to build schools in local areas for the farmers children.

I have a big sweet tooth. When I'm looking for something to satisfy this craving during the day or after a meal, I make a cup of Lifeboost's Specialty Flavored Coffee and add a couple tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

You have one of the most delicious healthy treats on the planet.

It's quite possibly heaven in a cup"

- DR. Charles Livingston D.C., C.C.W.P