Sugar-Free Iced Caramel Macchiato

5 min read FEB 17, 2022

Many of us are fortunate to be in a category where sugar-free is not a dietary requirement but a perfectly natural preference.

However, maybe you are looking for a sugar-free, low carb, paleo, or keto cuppa that’s naturally sweet but not overly sugary? This recipe is easy to make and adjust to suit any taste or dietary preference.

A pure, simple, and sugar-free iced caramel macchiato. The perfect midsummer's daydream; recipe and a suggestion for bags full of beans to follow.

A Sugar-Free Iced Macchi What Now?

Traditionally, a macchiato is espresso-based. Add to that a small amount of foamed milk - less than a cappuccino, and WAY less than a latte. But traditions are guidelines meant to inspire, and improvisations are always welcome.

An iced espresso macchiato is an ideal substitute for summer. Some people don't even let the coffee cool down before they pour it over the ice, but be sure to use a cup that can handle the sudden change in temperature.


The best way to boost your life is by nourishing your body with foods and beverages that contain no artificial extras.

What's in an iced caramel macchiato? It depends on you. The first three are the musts, but the rest depends on time and taste.

  • Coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • Dairy. Support the cows or find an alternative?


Whipping cream (yes, it’s possible to make whipping cream with dairy alternatives).

Caramel sauce made with real butter and some vanilla essence (unless you choose ready flavored coffee) - or an appropriate vegan alternative.

Topping suggestions to add some oomph? Raw cacao nibs, sugar-free chocolate chips, berry bits if they’re in season, or slivered or chopped nuts.


Alternatives to the traditional espresso base include instant espresso or dark roast coffee. To us? A cold-brew is a no-brew, as it needs to soak for 12-24 hours. So be warned and prepared.

But if you’re looking for our absolute best suggestion for the recipe to follow?

Why not invest in high-quality, naturally sweet coffee right from the start? That way, there’s no need to hunt for syrups or be left with sticky spoons.

Flavored coffee beans are time-efficient.  have one suggestion: a highly-rated, low-acid, clean caramel macchiato as is, available in beans or ready ground.

caramel macchiato sugar free

Lifeboost sells the perfect caramel macchiato. All you need is a little bit of love, some ice cubes, and the dairy of your choice.

A simple solution to suit most mornings, in-betweens, and after lunches.

Also, ready-made flavored syrups often include long lists of ingredients, not to mention the possibility of defying your reasons for wanting an alternative recipe in the first place.

With an increase in awareness of the mind-body connection, please consider the following tips to select the best bag of beans.

For the healthiest and happiest bag of beans? Select coffee that is:

*Responsibly sourced


*Single origin

*Hand-picked, hand-roasted, and handled with as much care as possible

*Third-party tested for toxins, including mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.


The best option for cow's milk is whole milk and heavy cream. If need be, water it down yourself to avoid the unfavorable processes or un-flavorable additives that ready-made options go through.

Should you prefer a vegan dairy alternative, the options are plenty: almond or other nut milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and soy milk, to mention a few.

Iced caramel macchiato with almond milk is a popular dairy-free substitute, while an iced hazelnut macchiato is a more exotic experience.

On a non-nutty day, we prefer a good quality coconut cream with no added sugar or preservatives. Be sure to look at the ingredients to avoid artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugar.

The only drawback with vegan alternatives is that it seems rather complicated to get it all frothy. If you do find a way, we’d love to hear it.

To turn cow's milk into a fabulous foam— the reason most people love macchiatos — you need to steam the milk.

Using a French press, heat the milk until warm in the microwave and decant it. Then press the milk until frothy and hey presto. Should you have the means to invest in some serious kitchen appliances, why not a dedicated milk frother?

Our simple solution? An old-school whisk works wonders. If you whisk it well, nobody will be able to tell either way.

Syrups and Sauces

Should you opt for store-bought syrups and sauces, please note that these may not be sugar-free. Most of them are not, and the ones with artificial sweeteners tend to have an aftertaste that can never quite match up to real sugar.

sugar free iced caramel macchiato recipe

If you prefer some extra syrupy sweetness on top We would most suggest a slow-brewed combination of pure maple syrup, vanilla essence, and butter.

The process:

  • Get the coffee going first. Be sure to brew enough for at least two cups. You’re going to want a second serving.
  • Should you prefer the syrupy version to the pure coffee version? Add a tablespoon of syrup and a splash of milk to your cup. For the pure and perfect coffee version, just a dash of dairy.
  • Now add ice to your cup, filling it almost to the top.
  • You can add the coffee of your choice right now.
  • Then top it up with another dash of milk or some whipped cream, and drizzle with artistic scribbles of buttery caramel or sugar-free syrup.

We enjoy sprinkling some raw cocoa nibs as an extra. These create some crunch packed with a healthy punch but see other topping suggestions in the ingredients section of this article. Make your macchiato proud.  


A personalized, perfectly natural, sweet, and sugar-free iced caramel macchiato.

Should a recipe of iced salted caramel macchiato be the next on your to-try list? Be sure to substitute salted butter for the syrup or a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to your ready flavored coffee.

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