English Butter Toffee

Natural extracts and oils of uniquely classic English butter toffee, flavors of rich and decadent caramelized sugar and creamy, thick butter, swirl amidst rainforest mountain-shade grown, hand-selected, spring water washed, premium Arabica coffee beans to create a flavor so divine, you’ll surely think you must be dreaming as you sip the indulgent flavor.

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Coffee Beans In A english butter
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Low acid Medium
Roast Coffee Beans

(Specialty Arabica Beans)

Shade And Elevation Grown (Slow Grown In The Mountains Of Nicaragua For Optimal Flavor And Low Acidity)

Single Origin From Small Farms In A Nationally Protected Area

Fairly Traded (Our Coffee Farmers Are Paid A Fair Wage)

Real english butter toffee Coffee Natural Extracts

  • Derived Only From Their Natural Sources And Ingredients.

  • Zero Added Sugar.

  • Zero Added Calories.

  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Essential Oil Extracts.

  • Natural Oil Based Extracts Versus Artificial/Chemical Extracts

English Butter Toffee

“The butter is melting grandma.”

“Oh, it looks perfect, dear. I’ll add in the brown sugar, you keep stirring.”

“It’s getting really hot, grandma.”

“Okay, love. Grandma better take over now. You sit right here and watch.”

The mixture bubbled with seeming violence, one thick, cloudy bubble rapidly forming after another young Evie patiently watched her grandmother continue to stir the confection.

“This is mommy’s favorite, isn’t it?”

“It sure is. She’s loved my English butter toffee since she was a little girl.

“Just like me?”

“Just like you.”

Evelyn allowed the mixture to continue boiling until the temperature reached perfection, then poured the mixture into a shallow pan lined with rich chocolate and thinly sliced almonds while her granddaughter watched with amazement.

Oh to see things through the eyes of a child, she thought.

Her first granddaughter was about to become a sister, her baby brother being born as they toiled in the kitchen to bring Evelyn’s daughter, little Evie’s mother, a gift tasting of heaven made with so much love.

As the decadent dessert cooled completely, Eveleyn and her granddaughter Evie shared in the duty of breaking the toffee into smaller pieces. Then, they delicately placed the candy in a tin lined with wax paper, filling it to the brim.

The bright red ribbon tied around the tin was a sight Evelyn knew her daughter would recognize, a memorable clue to what the package held within.

Arriving at the home of her daughter, Evelyn led young Evie inside the front door, tin in hand.

Oh, it smells amazing in here, Stephen...you do make the best coffee I’ve ever savored,” Evelyn announced as they entered the kitchen.

That's high praise coming from an expert chef like you, Evelyn!

The two exchanged grins as Stephen poured his mother-in-law a fresh cup of coffee.

Little Evie hugged her daddy’s neck as he held her on his hip. “Would you and grandma like to meet your brother?”

About that time, Lynn appeared around the corner. “I’d like you to meet James,” she said.

Tears of joy amidst so many smiles and laughs filled the next moments.

Then the red-ribbon caught Lynn’s eye.

“Is that…I thought you only made your English butter toffee for holidays?”

“No dear, I make it for the most special occasions, and what’s more special than this!

With sweet baby James soundly sleeping in his grandma’s arms, and Evie perched in her mother’s lap, Stephen slowly poured the freshly brewed, bold coffee into two mugs, one for each softly smiling lady sitting across from him.

The first sips of the robust and perfect coffee now enjoyed, the red ribbon was then removed, the tin lid opened, and decadently rich, homemade English butter toffee was shared between mother and daughter.

Indulging in culinary perfection with each crisp bite and warm sip, the two held the youth in their arms and talked of days past and times ahead, fond memories had and favored dreams to come.

Coffee. Family. Confection. Life shared sweetly.


A portion of the profits are donated to Rainforest Trust and Project Alianza for conservation of the wild life and to build schools in local areas for the farmers children.

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