Specialty Arabica coffee plants blossom amidst rainforest mountain wildlife, greeted by the farmer’s careful eye and skilled hand to pluck the most ripe, plump coffee cherries, selected to be washed, meticulously processed, roasted to perfection, and greeted then with sinfully decadent, rich, and creamy white chocolate.

A combination of excellence and elegance, creating something to truly overwhelm your senses with overly inviting aromas and an unparalleled indulgence of flavor.

Get The Best Single Origin Coffee Beans In A white chocolate mocha Coffee Flavor!

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  • Low Acid Medium Roast Coffee Beans (Specialty Arabica Beans)

  • Single Origin From Small Farms (In A Nationally Protected Area)

  • Shade And Elevation Grown
    (Slow Grown In The Mountains Of Nicaragua For Optimal Flavor And Low Acidity)

  • Fairly Traded (Our Coffee Farmers Are Paid A Fair Wage)

Real white chocolate mocha Coffee Natural Extracts

  • Derived Only From Their Natural Sources And Ingredients.
  • Zero Added Sugar.
  • Zero Added Calories.
  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Essential Oil Extracts.
  • Natural Oil Based Extracts Versus Artificial/Chemical Extracts

white chocolate Mocha

It’s the late 1990’s. They never miss gathering to watch
Friends, and Pearl Jam is always blaring from the stereo.

They walk together in the mornings, never missing the
coffee cart.

Before reaching the cart, the aromas wafting in their direction become the topic of discussion each and every morning.

“I just love that smell!” “Well, I just love the sweet taste of white chocolate!” “Well, I just have to have some coffee
or I’m not going to make it through the day!”

“You say that every single day!” “Well, it’s true every
single day!”

Creamy and delicious white chocolate mochas for all, then everyone disperses for a day filled with classes scattered
around campus.

A party now and then, or trips home for visits with family and laundry duties consume the weekends.

These days are so enjoyable, but they flash by more quickly than realized in the moment.

Fifteen years later, the days are still enjoyable, loads of laundry still pile up, but life still flashes by more quickly than realized in the moment.

Then, a Friends rerun on the television stops time, fond memories bring smiles and warmth… “we should all get together,” Jenny thinks.

A Pearl Jam song comes on the radio and again, fond memories flood… “we should get together sometime,” Amber thinks.

But still, time flashes by quickly, and life is busy.

In line for an afternoon pick-me-up, time stops for Brittney as well: “Would you like to try our new white chocolate mocha, ma’am. Ma’am...ma’am…”

“I’m sorry, I drifted away there for a moment.”

Mmmm, warm, creamy, sinfully decadent white chocolate mochas. Just the thought prompted a long overdue group text, and plans for a meet-up ensued.

“Okay, it’s settled then,” Brittney replies to Jenny, “I’ll be picking up Amber from the airport at 12:30, so we’ll meet at the cafe around 1.”

Jenny saves a table at the cafe, and her eyes fill with happy tears as she has barely seated herself before hearing two familiar voices in the distance.

Hugs are shared, and laughter is already erupting as they approach the counter together.

“Good afternoon ladies, looks like a pleasant reunion! Would you like to try our new white chocolate mocha?”

Laughter ensues once again. “Yes!” they laughingly reply in unison to the startled barista.

Mugs in hand, the pleasant aromas waft. Jenny breathes in deeply, “oh, I just love that smell...so sweet!” Amber echoes, “white chocolate is just so rich, so creamy, so decadent, I just love it!” “I’d never make it through the day without my coffee,” Brittney adds.

“I guess we picked up right where we left off,” the girls smilingly reply as they sip and savor white chocolate mochas, reminiscing fond memories, thankful for forever-friendships.

“Drink Coffee and
Save the Planet”

A portion of the profits are donated to Rainforest Trust and Project Alianza for conservation of the wild life and to build schools in local areas for the farmers children.

I have a big sweet tooth. When I'm looking for something to satisfy this craving during the day or after a meal, I make a cup of Lifeboost's Specialty Flavored Coffee and add a couple tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

You have one of the most delicious healthy treats on the planet.

It's quite possibly heaven in a cup"

- DR. Charles Livingston DC