Organic, Rare & Exclusive, This Varietal Is Called The “Unicorn Of Coffees”

An Exquisite Experience Until The Very Last Sip (Sharing With Friends Is Encouraged, But Optional)

Shortly, we will meet a family who will introduce us to their livelihood, their pride, their tradition, and their treasured trade. The results of which will transform what goes into your cup. I’m about to introduce you to what is called “The Unicorn Of Coffees” and for good reason...

But first, travel with me, if you will, not just to a different location, but a whole other time.

Nearly 1300 years ago, in Ethiopia, is where we’ll find the discovery of the coffee plant.

All of your morning boosts, afternoon energy lifts, the treasured flavors and aromas of your beloved brew had their beginning on a goat farm in Ethiopia!

It was there that a man named Kaldi noticed something unusual about his goats that had been grazing on plump, red berries from a nearby plant.

His energy filled goats seemed to be dancing! Curiously startled by their behavior, he came to the conclusion that the berries must be the culprit.


Seeking further investigation, he brought the berries to a monk, who, as Ethiopian legend has it, angrily threw the red berries onto a fire to be rid of the goatly dance-inducing fruit.


But, in doing so, onlookers were pleasantly amazed at the aromas that came from the burning berries. They then rescued the burning fruit, ground it up and boiled it, wanting to sample and savor this newfound curiosity.

It was then, in Ethiopia, that coffee was born as a long-since loved beverage.

And, since we’re in Ethiopia alongside its long time tradition of coffee growing, I want to introduce you specifically to a family, their tiny collective of farms, and the full-bodied, sweet, and mythically rare coffee they produce!

A Day In The Life Of An Ethiopian Farmer of Rare, Exclusive Coffee

It’s early. The orange and golden rays of the hot, Ethiopian sun will not creep over the horizon for at least 2 more hours.

It is just after 4 am, and Abiyot Ageze’s wife is serving a breakfast of ambasha bread, a hearty cereal, and coffee. The mildly sweet flatbread is a family favorite, a treat this morning that will fuel their bodies for several hours of work.

He takes in one last satisfying sip of the now cooling cup before leaving his small house.

Abiyot and his fellow farmers must begin their work early, in the coolest hours of the day, before the unforgiving sun forces them to break. When the cooler late-afternoon hours arrive, they will return to work once again.

Abiyot’s brother meets him, and they journey to a narrow strip in the lush, green, shaded Ethiopian Highlands at altitudes of 1850-2100 meters. Their farms are small, but here, they have something almost mythical.


Picking ONLY The Highest Quality Coffee Cherries

Here, they only farm organic grade one natural Yirgacheffe coffee, the highest quality in all of Ethiopia.

It’s the harvest season, and families, farmers, and thus generations of knowledge, meet to pick the coffee cherries by hand.

Knowing that here, on their few sacred acres of land, they are growing the finest coffee in all of Ethiopia.

Knowing that their family’s secret, natural processing method will deliver flavors that no other farmers have achieved, they go about the day's labor with great satisfaction.

Canopies of green foliage hover above the farmers. Calloused, hard-working hands reach out to the branches of the coffee shrubs.

Seasoned, knowledgeable eyes carefully scan the bushes looking for the classic deep red color, characteristic of the fully ripened coffee cherries...ensuring only the highest quality and “most mature” of cherries are picked.

At this elevation, the coffee cherries are dense. Grown in a canopy of shade from surrounding trees, the coffee plants are benefited with a soil nourished richly from the neighboring trees and wildlife.


As the morning hours disappear amidst hard work and sweat, Abiyot, his brother and their fellow farmers are thankful as this canopy shades them as well.


The morning hours now spent, it’s time for the farmers to return to the darkness inside of their huts until late afternoon when the temperatures are not as warm.

A typical work day during picking season is a long 14 hours. So, the brothers know that there is still much work to do after this midday break from the heat.

They return to picking the coffee cherries with the knowledge that coffee lovers throughout the world will soon be sipping luxurious coffee made from these rare, highly coveted beans... THEIR sacred beans. They imagine the consumer’s amazement at the result of their efforts.

Coffee Perfection: Using The Natural Process Technique

A part of what transforms these superior quality cherries into full flavored sweetness in your cup happens after they are harvested.

It is then that it is time to take the carefully selected, ruby-red coffee cherries and continue the process in producing something truly wonderful.

Taking these supreme quality beans, the brothers join other small holder farmers at a natural processing site.


The perfectly ripened cherries are washed and fermented for over 72 hours.

Abiyot teaches his son, a hopeful fourth generation coffee farmer, of the crucial importance of this process in reaching the desired strong, full-bodied flavor.

He explains that natural enzymes will remove the fruit and pulp, allowing the bean to absorb the sugars from the fruit of the coffee cherry.

His son reaches out to touch…”ah, be so gentle,” he admonishes…”the coffee cherries are delicate and must be treated as such. You must show them respect.”

An Extra Step That Makes THIS Coffee The Rarest And Best

After the 3 days of fermentation, the cherries will be dried on raised beds. A process that sets these farmers and their product apart from others in the region.

Many farmers in the region are a part of large cooperative sites where coffees are combined to be washed removing the cherry or fruit. They are then sorted and processed where the fruitless beans are dried, and then sold in large quantities.

NOT with Organic Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Grade 1 coffee!

Oh, No.

These farmers take the extra time and work to produce a bean that is EXCLUSIVELY mythical.

The brothers know the flavor they are seeking requires the sweetness of the cherry to permeate the bean. So, they incorporate a practice to naturally dry the coffee cherries.

This natural method of drying is so rare, that the final product can be termed the unicorn of coffees.


With the knowledge passed down from their father and grandfather, the brothers have built a natural processing site for their selectively hand-picked coffee cherries to be dried on raised beds.


The skin and sweet, flesh like pulp of the cherry remain intact as air flows above, under, and around them on the drying beds. .

The delicate coffee cherries will frequently be turned over with great care throughout the next 15-20 days as they dry on the raised beds.

Weather, humidity, and sunlight will determine just how long the coffee cherries need to be dried.

It is during these days of drying that the sweet, fruity mucilage of the cherry permeates through to the bean inside.

16 days this time. 16 days filled with countless, careful turnings of the exquisite cherries to ensure that perfectly permeated sweet flavors will result.

The brothers and their fellow farmers are sticklers for these routine, frequent turnings of the drying cherries. Why? Because they know that omitting this step can produce unpleasant flavors that are simply far below the standards they have set here.

Today, the air has provided a welcomed crispness, and Abiyot checks the drying coffee cherries thinking that today just might be the day! Ah, yes! The moisture content is perfect, so the cherries will now be milled down to the internal bean.

The Finished Product Is The Finest, Most Unique Coffee You'll Ever Have.

Like an artist finishing a masterpiece, the result is... a rare, perfectly smooth, rich, distinctly lush flavored coffee bean.

Floral, sweet, strawberry and peach. Here is that mythical unicorn of the coffee world. The time, the talent, the knowledge, the patience and careful handling have produced truly unrivaled flavor.

Their fathers and grandfathers perfected the practice and they dare not cut corners, for they know this is what makes them the best.

They are proud of their work, their process. Their sons, grandsons and their families, and their small network of farmers now share in this pride. They are small, but mighty... AND produce a flavor that simply can't be found in coffees anywhere else. (You'll see what I mean once you put it to your lips)

Now, it's time for Abiyot's favorite part of the entire process. He roasts some of the newly readied beans to share with his family and his farmers.


Luxury In A Cup

Together, they sip as kings. One look on their faces as they enjoy this luxury in a cup will tell you that in this moment, they indeed feel like royalty.

They smile knowing that you too will join them in this feeling from the moment this rare, elusive decadence touches your lips.

Knowing the story behind this brew beckons you, with every sip, to journey with these farmers. In every sip, their journey becomes your journey. Family. Tradition. History. Where coffee began.

But, the flavor itself... it's rarity allows you to journey beyond coffee farming and into palaces and king's courts.

This Organic Ethiopian Heirloom variety is a distinct bean known for its warmth and its zest. It ranks among the finest Yirgacheffe in all the land. It's the creme' de la creme', the cream of the crop.

A taste like NOTHING you've ever experienced before

You'll delight in its difference and uniqueness.

You'll look forward to sharing this luxury with close friends and family like a fine wine only brought out on special occasions.

You'll savor the sweetness ingrained into the coffee bean when you silently sip alone on your back patio, watching the same orange and golden rays of Abiyot's Ethiopian sun inching over your own view across the horizon where you call home.

And, like Abiyot, with each sip you too will grin with gratefulness in the quiet morning hours...for your own journey, family, tradition, history, and now for Organic Ethiopian Natural Process Yirgacheffe Grade 1 coffee.


One Problem...

With excellence comes demand. And, with rarity comes a limited supply.

Trust me when I say that your opportunity to indulge is limited and fleeting. Coffee companies FIGHT to get this exquisite, elusive bean.

It only comes once a year, and unfortunately once we're out of this treasure...WE ARE OUT.

Now is your chance...

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You'll look forward to sharing this luxury with close friends and family like a fine wine only brought out on special occasions.


To Your Health (and Amazing Coffee),

Dr. Charles Livingston

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