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Dear Coffee Aficionado,

It’s a well-known fact.

Coffee is good for our mind. Good for our body. And great for our soul.

And the fact that we can conveniently get an amazing cup of coffee virtually anywhere, with coffee (K-Cup) pods?


However, that convenience comes with a price.


Estimates show that, right now, there are over 10 BILLION of these plastic pods thrown out - unable to reuse or recycle.

Since these plastic pods are NOT biodegradable, that’s a serious hit on the environment. Plastic can pollute the soil. Pollute the water. Get eaten by the fish, seabirds, or other animals… Which all leads to disrupting the human food chain. And, as a result, our health.

Well, we here at Lifeboost want to make a difference and have decided to NOT take part in convenient, plastic cups, so we looked around the world, for a cleaner, safer, easier way to travel with your favorite brand!

That’s why we’ve decided to embrace a completely new way of packaging, distributing, and preparing coffee


Lifeboost Go is a convenient way to carry your favorite coffee wherever you go… And prepare it the easiest way possible.

  • image


    Put the Lifeboost Go bag in your favorite cup…

  • image


    Pour the hot water…

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    Dunk the bag for 15 seconds…

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    And let it steep (sit) for 5 minutes...

It’s literally like preparing tea.

The SUPERIOR QUALITY of the coffee stays the same. The taste is the same.

The only difference is that you can take a cup wherever you go, just add hot water!

The bags - both outer and inner bag - are fully biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. This means you can feel double the joy when drinking Lifeboost Go - for its taste, and for the fact that your cup of coffee is NOT destroying the planet.

The best and most convenient thing is - you can take your Lifeboost Go everywhere:

  • Camping.

  • Conferences.

  • Staying at the hotel.

  • Traveling.

  • Flying.

  • Driving.

  • On a road trip.

  • At the office.

  • At work.

  • On a vacation.

  • And so on.

As long as you have a cup and access to hot water, you can make your favorite, perfect cup of coffee.

Never again will you have to suffer the horror of drinking horrible coffee at airports, airplanes, hotels, conferences, or anywhere else!

From now on, your favorite healthy cup of Lifeboost coffee will always be with you.

Why specifically Lifebooost coffee?

That’s because Lifeboost is a low acid, stomach friendly, organic, single-origin, shade-grown mountain coffee.

That means no sun beats down on the beans, allowing for natural maturation (and a rich, complex taste). And it also means that no pesticides and herbicides are used to grow our coffee beans.

And, most importantly, Lifeboost Coffee is 3rd party tested for mycotoxins - the mold toxins usually found inside coffee beans that can cause many health problems.


So when you buy Lifeboost Coffee, you know that you’re buying superior quality. You’re buying healthy coffee. You’re buying peace of mind, knowing that what you put in your body is 3rd party tested, grown sustainably for you, and pays it’s farmers a fair wage.

And now, Lifeboost is getting even better and more convenient, with Lifeboost Go.

We’ll be releasing Lifeboost Go to the public soon.

However, we won’t have huge quantities in stock at the beginning. So WE WILL SELL OUT. We almost always do for new releases.

If you want to get a chance to grab your package of Lifeboost Go once it’s available, click the button below and jump on our waiting list.

We’ll notify you as soon as Lifeboost Go is ready for purchase. (Should be within the next 4 weeks)

My best,

Dr. Charles Livingston

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