My Winning Formula To Eliminate Fatigue, Defeat Stress, And Have Energy To Last ALL Day

…and do so without any extra caffeine, jitters, or side effects whatsoever to your daily life!

I feel like a normal person again. Life and everything is just better since incorporating this special addition into my routine... and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll ever need to try anything else.”- Madelyn

Dr. Charles Livingston

Founder of Lifeboost Coffee

From the desk of Dr. Charles Livingston:

  • Do you find yourself tired more than you would like?
  • Feeling irritable or moody?
  • Forgetting the little things…
  • ...overwhelmed and ‘in this alone’?

Don't worry...this is not your fault and actually extremely common.

There’s a high probability that you’re over-stressed.

...And believe it or not, most of my patients don’t even realize that they are.

But stress isn't always bad as long as it’s short-term.

In fact, it is actually necessary for us in smaller bursts...

But when it’s non-stop, like the kind most of us face every day for years…

... it actually begins to change your brain.

As in the relentless stress known as chronic stress...

But even beyond chronic stress, ‘adrenal fatigue’ is a commonly used diagnosis…

... but it’s the lack of true understanding of stress-related disorders that has made assessing conditions and treatment increasingly difficult.

The real problem lies within our own Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis dysfunction.

...Or HPA axis dysfunction to make it easier.

The HPA axis is the control center for our stress response system.

When our body is knocked out of harmony it’s in “stress”.

...our body, specifically the HPA axis, fights this state with it’s own “adaptive stress response.”

Simply put, in order to regulate stress and all outside threats to our body’s norm or homeostasis, our stress response system has to work very hard to bring us back to normal.

Overworking this system, the HPA axis, will cause a lot of unfortunate and complicated health consequences.

Hans Selye often referred to as the “father of stress research” discovered that chronic exposure to a stressor led to a recurring set of physiological outcomes in animals:

...hypertrophy of the adrenal gland, atrophy of the lymphatic organs, and ulcers in the stomach.

Modern data suggests that humans undergo the same phenomena.

In fact, over half a century of research has confirmed that the same stress response mechanism is elicited regardless of the type of stressor.

Starting with mental and emotional triggers, sleep deprivation, metabolic issues with our metabolism, and last but not least inflammation.

And not all at once.

Long term, persistent stress can actually cause your brain to shrink in size, develop chronic diseases and shorten our own life spans.

Near term, it affects the part of your brain that regulates behaviors like concentration, decision-making, judgment, and social interaction.

Then there’s everything it does to our hormones...

Specifically cortisol--our stress regulating hormone.

The adrenals in our HPA axis do everything they can but...

...Prolonged elevated cortisol levels not only suppresses your immune system but it also raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of hypertension and depression.

That’s not all, stress also leads to fewer new brain cells being made in the hippocampus.

This means chronic stress makes it harder for you to learn and remember things.

Setting the stage for more serious mental problems, like Alzheimer's disease.

Immediately affecting our memory (both long and short term) as well as our ability to learn and retain information.

Not to mention overall mental decline.

It’s no laughing matter, exposing yourself to this continuous stress over long periods of time absolutely wreaks havoc on your brain.

Yet so often do we push past it without even thinking twice.

If continued to be ignored, eventually, our body adapts and this level of stress and this brain adaptation becomes the new norm.

It becomes what we’re accustomed to...

and will catch up to all of us sooner or later if we’re not too careful.

Which is exactly why we’re here today.

And as bad as it can sound, hope is certainly not lost.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a solution for the sole purpose of reversing stress and all it’s ensuing chaos on our bodies…

Something that can support your HPA axis and allow you to live life without worry.

A unique formula to...


Cut Your Body’s Stress Response In Half

The secret is in a special type of Russian berry by the name of Schizandra berries.

They fall into a unique class of herbal substances known as adaptogens.

Adaptogens are special herbal compounds that help our body adjust to its environment, specifically to surrounding physical and mental stressors.

So if your cortisol levels are too high, they can help lower them.

If your adrenals are overworked and unable to produce enough cortisol, this miraculous supplement can help bring cortisol levels back to normal levels.

If you’re feeling too amped or anxious this adaptogen can help calm you down.

The formula we’ve created attacks stress from all angles to regulate your entire stress response system.


Double Your Ability to be Calmly Productive Each Day

We’ve also added a second miracle plant into our supplement called Rhodiola.

This, alongside Schizandra berries, works together to improve concentration and alertness, without any jitters or added caffeine.

Rhodiola is another adaptogen we specifically wanted to include in the mix because it has been used in traditional folk medicine to fight fatigue, improve mood, increase physical endurance, enhance work productivity, and even prevent altitude sickness.

In fact

Russian scientists studied this herb and found that it helped soldiers stay alert, focused and energized during sleep-deprived nights.

Another study found that astronauts living in the Russian space station for long periods of time-- in stressful, cramped quarters, would put these people in better moods and keep mentally sharp and healthy as well.

They were amazed by the power and effectiveness of this powerful little herb, so much so that they decided to test it on their very own Olympic athletes.

As hypothesized, this adaptogen had extraordinary results. These athletes experienced increased endurance, speed, and recovery time while keeping exhaustion at bay!

You can see how these benefits would help you be incredibly productive if you were to add it to your daily routine.

But you don’t need to be a soldier, astronaut or Olympic athlete to benefit from this phenomenal fatigue-eliminating and performance-enhancing herb...

You can get it today, let the herb do it’s magic and start increasing your productivity as soon as it arrives at your door.

We (Lifeboost co-owners) Have To Be On Top Of Our Game 24/7

What we’ve created here today is VERY important to us, as in…

Full disclosure: We have a lot riding on this product…

Our partners and owners have taken a significant financial and personal investment alongside us:

  • Five multi-million dollar businesses have teamed with us
  • 30 direct employees are depending on the product being a best seller
  • A reputation to uphold with articles coming out on CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur
  • The success of a book that was recently published
  • Our accountability to the thousands of people that attend our conferences
  • Families to take care of…
  • Personal health to maintain...

As with everything we launch, we have to live and practice what we preach…

We can’t let chronic stress keep us down, kill our productivity, cause mental fatigue, resulting in HPA axis dysfunction… ultimately affecting the quality of our product.

(And believe us, we’ve been burned out before).

We know how frustrating it is to not live life on your own terms, to not understand what it is that’s making you so tired all the time…

And how much energy goes into fighting this every day.

It is exactly why we sought out the very best adaptogenic stress support optimization ingredients for our HPA axis.

We’ve personally invested a large sum of money to develop and make sure what we’re about to reveal is of the highest caliber…

It was with great research that we, the co-owners of Lifeboost, decided to pull our resources and create…

Lifeboost HPAdapt

Energy Drink Mix

HPAdapt is a powerful powder formula that you can easily mix with water.

This great-tasting drink begins reversing your body’s overworked response to chronic stress within minutes of drinking it down.

Treat yourself to a jam-packed superfood supplement that provides lasting, all-natural, energy with no caffeine, jitters, or any side effects whatsoever.

The best part about it is that there are only 20 calories and 5 grams of naturally-occurring sugar… meaning no blood sugar spike and energy-draining crash.

It’s up to you whenever you want to drink it, morning or afternoon, between cups of coffee, it’s really whatever works best for you.

We typically like to take it in the afternoon.

Keep in mind, this is NOT a pill and you can’t get it anywhere else but here.

We have yet to see or find anything else like it on the market… and we don’t anticipate anything even remotely close coming out any time soon.

Now, Are You Ready For Us To Fully Introduce You To The Editor's Choice Award Finalist For 2018’s Supply Side West Event?

You already met two of its unique ingredients Schizandra berries and Rhodiola but this supplement wouldn’t be complete without the others…

Meet Your Super-Synergistic Team of Ingredients:

Palatinose - a rare low-glycemic carbohydrate that provides your body with a slow, steady release of energy without the spike in blood sugar.
Rhodiola - as mentioned this ingredient significantly improves physical fitness, mental fatigue, attention, mood, plus general well-being and cortisol responses to stress.
Alpinia galanga - we added a special patented formula of this ingredient to provide fast-acting, long-lasting energy.
Ashwagandha - is another amazing super-food adaptogen that helps the body primarily manage stress.
Ginseng - this adaptogen greatly reduces fatigue after exercise, boosts brain function and short-term memory, while also promoting calmness.
Matcha extract - this green tea antioxidant is rich in stress-busting L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation and well-being, (also fights off dangerous free radicals from pollution, UV rays, and radiation.
Adaptogen Schizandra - last but not least, great for mental sharpness, clarity, as well as a calming effect if you’re feeling anxious.



I know we’ve sufficiently hyped our own product but we’ve seen first hand what this life-changing supplement can do…

First Guarantee…

  • So If you don’t feel the HPAdapt difference within your first time of taking it then you can ask for a full, 100% money-back refund and we will promptly do so (as we all take HPAdapt ourselves).

    We’re so proud of the formula we’ve created that if you even so much as not like the taste, look, or size of the product you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

    The point of this 30-day money-back guarantee is to provide you with an absolute no-risk, no brainer reason to add this supplement to your daily routine because we know you’ll be blown away by the new you.

    Breaking it down further, we really want to hear all your stories about how you’ve started using your newfound energy.

second Guarantee…

  • We guarantee that if you don’t take advantage of this special offer going on right now, you’re going to regret not taking advantage of it sooner.

    That’s why we’re providing this guarantee and including the best savings we’ve ever offered.

    We want to make sure everyone experiencing any symptoms mentioned earlier (low energy, constant fatigue, brain fog, stress, memory loss, overall weakness, to name a few) has no reason not to see if it will work for them.

Order Your Supply Now While Supplies Last

This is a completely unique product and while we want to get this in as many hands as possible there is still a LIMITED amount.

Once this gets out to the public, especially with the results we’ve already seen first-hand, demand will be very high.

With the select team of ingredients, we included in this amazing bang for your buck supplement, once released to the market we don’t anticipate it taking long before we’re completely sold out.

Get yours before we’re out of stock!

We want you to make a wise choice and take advantage of our bulk deal…

Whether for yourself or trying it together with your spouse, friends and extended family.

Anyone you think could use a life-altering change in their life because we know energy can be hard to come by sometimes…

Imagine giving the gift of changing someone’s life for the better.

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We can’t let you continue about your life without a reminder of the dangers of stress.

Chronic stress is a silent killer...

...causing our hormones, cortisol, adrenaline, the parasympathetic nervous system to be on high alert, all the time.

They are our defense mechanisms but if they are called upon for too long it can lead to numerous health complications.

Issues beyond common everyday fatigue, low energy, and adrenal burnout…

...Things like triggering autoimmune reactions, blood sugar levels to skyrocket, depression, changes in our DNA and even increasing the likelihood of undetected cancers…

I can’t tell you how many patients have come to me listing out the initial warning signs over and over as symptoms…

It’s almost like clockwork…yet many don’t even know the serious dangers of repeated stress.

So it’s not so much about the cost of the supplement when you think about it…

It’s really the cost you’re paying not to try it:

  • Lost time with your family
  • Not always feeling at your best
  • Lost memories not playing with your kids or grandchildren
  • Missing out on life opportunities in and outside of the house
  • Anything and everything getting in your way from truly feeling yourself Reverse the aging effects of stress and repair your adrenals now!

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Dr. Charles Livingston

Founder of Lifeboost Coffee





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